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Color attracts mates in nature and improves moods.

When it comes to your astrological zodiac sign is there one color that can boost that sign’s natural personality?

Of course!

Color affects your internal and external aura. And it’s best to use a combination of your sun, moon, and rising sign to explore a colorful trifecta! These 3 colors can balance you on all levels as you wear, eat and breathe color energy.


I chose this engine-revving color due to the impulsive, excited and dynamic persona of the true Aries soul. Like the big bang, Arian frequency is exploding with life and survival. Blood, when it hits the air, turns red! Red is associated with the root chakra the foundation for all the natural energy centers of the body. Great power is energized by this fiery light and can be harnessed by using red jasper crystals and cinnamon essential oil.


Rising from the Aries ashes, Taureans capture the warmth of its predecessor and embodies it’s passion by grounding it toward Earthly possessions and attachments. Burnt Sienna invokes loyalty and saddles up like-minded vibrations in people, places and objects of affection. Manifesting provisions and resources. Use leopard skin jasper crystals and clove essential oil to maintain a steady determination on the horizon of your soul’s unique potential.


The hero always leaves the ordinary world behind as the adventure unfolds. Jungle Green elevates the thoughts and perspectives of Gemini. Hang out in the canopy of your awareness so you can swing swiftly from one tree to the next. The real abundance is recognizing the versatile nature that already exists as the Universe expands from the heart center. Higher consciousness and adaptable knowledge is attainable when meditating with prehnite crystals and sage essential oil.


For life to exist, water is essential. And for humans to animate feelings, emotional resonance is essential. Robin’s are often seen after a nice rain storm or shortly after the lawn has been watered because a source of nourishment is provided. Cancer personalities gain much of their emotional nourishment in relation to how well they get along with the figurative mother archetype according to Rick DiClemente. I chose this color essentially for its water attribution but also the spiritual dressing of Mother Mary. She often is seen wearing this blue color in various paintings and statuary. Work with larimar crystals and white angelica essential oil to protect hypersensitivities and restore balance to the Divine Feminine.


I really couldn’t help myself! I thought this was a cute way to capture the large-hearted personality of Leo. Dandelion expands personal power, achievement, and spiritual performance. Larger than life itself, dandelion energy embodies the sun, optimism and sometimes the vastness of the self can be cumbersomely dandy. Rutilated quartz crystals and goldenrod essential oil help enlarge the bravado of your inner ruler.


As you prowl the jungle scape with steady articulation and precision, ferns hug your pathway. The color of fern is great for Virgo personalities because of the youthful and coiled prudence that spirals inside the way they assess the world and themselves. The spiraling fronds of ferns are held in high regard for protection and luck. There is tough love that rides on the idea that self-reliance wins every time. Of course, this isn’t the end of all truth, but in times of practical resourcefulness or just getting the job done for efficiency, the heart chakra color doesn’t keep you whining for the destination – it buckles you up for experiencing the journey. Moss agate crystals and spearmint essential oil will balance and promote the benefits of a coiling and persnickety Virgo.


Night falls and you are greeted with a whole new world. This color energy offers you to face darkness and depth of the Self against the outside world. With great charisma comes great power. This seemingly lucky air about you attracts relationships. A primordial thirst for balance. I chose this color to reflect Libra energy because it’s a very political color. Psychologists and popular opinions believe blue is a safe color to have as a favorite. It brings peace, calm, and trust. The challenge though in the darkest of hours is to feel socially secure in the self. Use lapis lazuli crystals and dorado azul essential oil to thwart the temptation to manipulate the scales in karmic proportions!


Not the easiest of signs, Scorpio is the epicenter of the zodiac that can prompt being the best of the best or the worst of the worst. Quite terroristic in comparison to Libra. The antidote to this chaos is overcoming challenges with deep healing and honoring the authenticity found in the Universal truths of life’s most extreme’s death and birth. Plum is a color woven from the root, heart and third eye chakras on purpose. To revel in a mean appetite for victory, you must have a passion, vigor, and perceptivity all in your favor. This would be the dragon’s den of the journey. The shamanic experience to claim or reclaim what was lost and unknown until now. Plum perceives extremist behavior of conviction and soul. Give it your all for the world and your karmic history will be rewritten. Working with snowflake obsidian (not a plum color but the energy is very Scorpio) and frankincense essential oil can extract and distil the hot and cold nature for temperance.


Don’t let the name fool you. Citrus offers much immunity and Sagittarians enjoy marking their targets in life from their navel chakras. Orange is a very confident, free spirit and laudable color. When a Sagittarius creates from a truth, it proudly hangs in the Universe. Personally, I found wearing orange reignites my self-confidence it’s what propelled me along this color journey in the first place. Delight comes to mind because that’s the optimist’s eye on the prize mentality. The bow and arrow are fixated passionately on absolute positive creation. Why take life so seriously? Use fire agate crystals and tangerine essential oil to embody the excitement of living in levity.


Reasonable, reliable and responsible these are the ingredients of great denim wearing Capricorn. What fearlessness pains Sagittarius, is cautiously and dutifully circumvented by Capricorn. I love to wear my jeans for the sturdiness and resilience in my life. Dress slacks often feel victimized to the adverse conditions of condiments. I am ok with my jeans showing battle scars. It says I have lived long and hard. Denim blue comes from the throat chakra that signals an experienced sure-footed leader and authority often obliged to conform. How many people do you know wear jeans these days? Use sodalite crystals and peppermint essential oil to abide carefully by social rules that promise emeritus, timelessness, and righteousness.


Did you know Oprah Winfrey is an Aquarius? And look at what she has done and will still be doing for the greater individual. Medium Violet stems from the third eye and crown chakras. Intuitively processing a progressive flair for the greater vision. Capture a broader vista to see the entire Universe expanding. Capricorn energy was traditional whereas Aquarians evoke uniqueness. This spiritual color drives convention out of the boat so that the grand voyage is placed on seeing the environment in complete and unconditional love. It’s the vibrancy you would herald at dawn and dusk. Amethyst crystals and clary sage essential oil are great spiritual tools to engender diversity, imperfection and tolerance.


Flamingos consume their color by diet and you know what they say, you are what you eat. A well-fed, healthy flamingo is more vibrantly colored and thus more desirable but what does this say about Pisces. Their imaginative and dreamy streak of romance with the world within worlds takes none and gives all. Being everywhere else in thought, prayer, word and embrace unbounded leaves you feeling omnipotent. Flamingo Pink is the deepest inner knowing about the heart chakra in terms of the Divine Feminine. Receptivity. Your personal consumption dictates all that you experience, believe and perpetuates self-sacrifice for better or worse. If the law of attraction had a color, this is it. Pink tourmaline crystals and joy essential oil can re-kilter any state of body, mind, and soul for love conquers all, even the self.

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And when it doubt, color!


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