You think Dr. Pepper is only sexist?

Not only does a 10 calorie drink being advertised as a man-only beverage unleash sexism so did a class field trip to KDKA-TV.

As my honors mass media class entered the doors for our KDKA tour today, no one would have thought that our tour guide would be sexist. And sexist to who? Me. Yes, today during the tv station tour I was called out for sitting in a chair. 

After standing on the main floor of the studio, we moved to the control deck where one person controls the cameras and the TelePrompter resides. As we make our way in this small long space, I end up in front of a chair and instead of dealing with that awkward feeling of “Oh there is a chair behind me and I am standing right in front of it, I don’t want to fall over.” So I sat down and within seconds the tour guide tells me that “Young men should not sit when young ladies are standing.”

I let her repeat herself a couple of times because I wanted to see what she is insinuating with her tone of voice. Well, I got the picture that she wanted me to move out of my seat for a girl who was around me. So I asked the girls around if they wanted to sit down. They all declined. Then I turned back to the guide and said they all said no. Well, I then asked if she herself would like to sit down in the chair. She smiled and said no. Then she muttered that we will suck it up and as she was about to turn to continue her presentation I explain to her that I am gay.

I said that because I wanted to get the point across that I am gay and by that I feel more like a woman as oppose to a straight male. I naturally feel more for women. She responded I know. And then I tell her that she was being sexist. She denied it and we repeated ourselves twice, then I quickly knew oh lets move on because obviously she wasn’t going to budge. So I say okay and with my look on my face told her that she needs to continue her presentation. 


That was the story of the day for me. The epitome of negativity that I experienced thus far. I was appalled by the simple fact that she knew I was gay and still categorized me under gender specific qualities to tell me when to sit and when not to sit. Blatantly being sexist. It might be a misfire to manners, but like my mother said chivalry is dead. It has been dead for many years. And because I am Gay that should prescribe me with some notion that I have a feminine essence stored within my personality to relate to women and fit in more smoothly. Greater than that, no one cares about who got to the seat first. Males and Females, Females and Males are the same. 

I am deeply impacted by this situation and will not be giving KDKA my time or efforts for anything. What took place is uncalled for and even if the station is in the top 20 for the market, I rather not become sexist in any industry I choose to work for. 

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2 thoughts on “You think Dr. Pepper is only sexist?

  1. That commercial was appalling! I cant believe they were allowed to show that on tv! I mean I am a woman and I love action films and scifi! I dont really even like Romantic comedies. There are a rare few. But that commercial was like THIS IS FOR MEN and blatantly stated NOT FOR WOMEN. It was disgusting. Sexism is disgusting.

    1. Really really. I am just disgusted by the whole concept! Ugh. Glad I am not alone.

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