WTF did my soul do in 2014


It’s the eve before the last day of the year.


I look back at you and feel enchanted.

Transformation garland your wayside and made me feel pretty, inspired and magical.

Here is a list of all the gifts you had given me. One for each month of the year that taught me that my spirit always comes first.

How my soul evolved in 2014…

1. Kissed for the first time on NYE by a man
2. Raised support for the dolphins of Taiji
3. Discovered my past life and connection to Pompeii
4. Walked for 5 hours gathering local support for nondiscrimination
5. Created my color journal for gratitude and intentions
6. Summer solstice in the nude with dozens of gay men (I got naked!)
7. Tapped into the power of reading/feeling auras
8. Discovered that elephant is one of my spirit animals
9. Created my very own color deck
11. I let go of the man who kissed me on NYE
12. Shaking off family karma

I am so proud of you for keeping wonder in all that you attract along your path. May it be more colorful in the new year.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


p.s. I would love to read your color for the year ahead.

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