The best morning exercise to do for work anxiety in color


I woke up this morning from tossing, turning and finding my pillow cuddling my carpet the night before.

Not a happy camper.

A torpedo of mental flares, ideas and worries exploded as I tried not to think about work.

I let out a long breath to center and just asked myself what I wanted right now.

In my¬†tealess¬†stupor,¬†I created a few choice words on my pink post it pad that I keep on my side table¬†in case I have to take notes because of wonky dreams, business a-has or tomorrow’s to dos.

As you can see, my handcrafted script of power, faithful and always learning pinned by a crowned heart is practically flying off the sticky note.

I wanted to get out my desires as fast and as magically as possible which turns out these wants are very similar to the traditional ties to Mardi Gras colors.

Well, what can you do with that pent up work anxiety?




Get it out of your mind as fast or as hard as you can (this is another reason why working out physically nourishes).

I prefer to write, dance and color when I need to shift energy into a better mojo.

The blue ink I use is common in the spirit community as a manifestation tool so whatever you write should you be using blue ink, please jot down the highest good and not the fear based thoughts as you will surely find yourself in a tangled web!

Using a pink pad is gentle and soothes me into a state of remembering that I am not writing things down to achieve, I am writing things down to feel. Of course the color pink is something I actively try and use always so that I stay in-sync with love + compassion.

You may find another system that works for you but the bottomline is you are in control of what gets done.

Go ahead, make shift happen!

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:


p.s. Do you have color questions that need spiritual answers? Send an owl to be featured in my color advice column called Dear Color Mage.


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