How to shop even if you don’t have the money in color.

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Imagine you’re walking into your town’s favorite department store.

You leave behind a blacktop layered in gum from the previous year. The pink flavored stickiness erodes with each passing day.

The silver sheen doors automatically slide open by sensor and you’re poised with one mission: to shop.

You gain clarity on on your list and secure your wallet.

Suddenly, a jolt of light pings inside your mind’s eye. Connection made. A magical purple backdrop with gold lettering ribbons an unfamiliar name. A bit surprised, you murmur under your breath “what could this be?”

A typical shopping experience for majority shoppers is choosing familiar “safe” brands that your mind and body have already sworn allegiance to because you strongly affirm by such products since you tried and survived, it makes you feel confident or beautiful as a result of using them for decades.

This is the norm and every shopper naturally knows what they like. Even if you have to choose between two products that solve the same problem (regardless of price), why not rely on the intuitive power of color.

Ask yourself, my problem is solved, what color would it feel like? Pick the better of the two products that match or has a similar feeling to the color that came to you during your 30-second meditation.

And by synchronicity, the color could be right on the bottle so don’t be afraid to look for it.

My trip to shop in color without cash

Color attracts in nature and the same magic happens while you shop.

I recently sojourned the aisles of my local Walmart and was wildly amazed by the galaxy of products I’ve seen, smelled and touched while window shopping. Yes, it was a spontaneous trip to kill time, but turned out to be more life enhancing than I expected.

With only a few coins in my pocketbook how far could I get – gumball machine anyone?

Honestly, taking the time to mindfully browse the shelves as I do online was an equally entertaining and enlightening experience.

I asked myself deep philosophical questions while holding each item in my hand. Strangling it with my perceptions and answering my own questions with a steady intuition. “How did you get here?” and “What would you feel like if you were blue instead of red?”

If you are observant and empathic out in public in today’s age you will feel that the store’s atmosphere (Walmart, Asda, the mall even) generally is all work and no play. Talking to strangers is awkward and we disassociate ourselves to the human beings that strive to make a living by working in those conditions.

It’s just one big puddle of fear, weakened self-worth and negativity.

It feels like most just want to get in and get out as fast as they with as much savings as possible. However that’s hardly the case.

Having my evening stroll for a couple of hours to play safari helped me to focus on appreciating time and my life with the help of color. Rather than consuming energy by focusing on a financially constricted budget, I chose to walk a bit aimlessly and let the colors guide me. I saw multicolored towels, nail polish, and party supplies all vibrating to the beat of the rainbow. I got excited and eventually quickened my pace as I turned the corner.

There is a mood to each product, an aura if you will and I felt it! I saw it!

My color journey carried me into the patio section, I imagined the welcome mats outside the front door of my home. Taking the time to envision how home would feel between the yellow sunflower print versus the black rubber labyrinth surrounding the word welcome.

I felt confused with the basic black one. My higher self didn’t obviously want my visitors to feel like they were entering a maze at all! Accepting guests to my home should feel positive and brilliant so the sunflower mat blossomed a happy smile across my face. In that moment, I had fun simply meditating on what I could see and feel in front of me.

Home furniture, clothing and food all have a unique palette waiting for the consciousness to take notice of what the sub-consciousness has been aware of this whole time. There are various color schemes laced throughout the sections of a store and recognizing how these sections and products make you feel attracts you to similar color frequencies. I felt drawn to more yellow and orange energy after my welcome mat experience and when I saw black rubber feelings of unease and discomfort settled in my stomach.

Since my spirited excursion, it’s my personal mission when I shop to step outside of my linear way of thinking in baby steps.

Choosing products that nourish me on a soul level that help me stay uplifted and using color as a simple tool to feel safe, confident and beautiful in a holistic way empowers me to take back control as a consumer even if I don’t have enough money.

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:



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