Wilkes Barre creates a sacred space for the LGBTQ community

Grand Opening of the LGBT Community Center of NEPA Group Photo at the Ribbon Cutting
credit – Earl & Sedor Photographic

Over the weekend, I attended the grand opening of my hometown’s first-ever LGBTQ community center! Tonight, I will be returning to see what I can do to push, persuade and provide for the mission and growth of Equality Pennsylvania.

This adventure excites me because my involvement as a gay inspirational in the region is surely stirring some cauldrons. This scarred land of the northeast is no different in my opinion from other areas that need nourishment of true soul and spirit. All humans have a sacred birthright for love and kindness and that’s been the overall message of my month-long meditation series (the last meditation is this Friday, firefly come join us on Facebook).

I know my involvement in Pittsburgh as a spiritualist and activist was just sprouting before I graduated and moved back home, so I’m called to keep the momentum going and will continue to transplant my growth in this environment until time carries me to a new place.

If this is what it will take to spark rebirth and renewal for this coal-cracking town, so be it.

Creating space for inclusive energy is loving. (click to tweet)



      1. It is!! Equality Toledo has movies and events there now! It was a great idea we needed a center here we’ll we need a lot here but this is a perfect first step

    1. AHhhh Hayden! Guess what I did! I forgot to post this in the blog post, but I donated your book to the center! I felt it would be a great addition to it. Hope you don’t mind. <3

      1. No, not at all. Thanks for doing that! I’ve been looking up LGBTQ youth centers near my neck of the woods as I need to shed books from my shelves, and I can’t think of better places than those.

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