Where is my abundance, seriously

abundance pot of luck rainbow at the end of photoFinding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is harder when you only have one pair of eyes to use.

So, why not invest in a second pair?

For the whole month of March, I will be hosting an enchanted card reading special that includes a crystal and candle goodie for your personal prosperity. Because I know how bad you may want the luck of the Irish at your fingertips and this special is open to International fireflies as well.

About the lucky reading

The reading features 12 cards (any extras are Universe prompted) that will highlight any physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shadows that are leeching from your sacred pool of abundance inflicting you with these symptoms:

  • financial loss
  • confusion
  • overspending & undervaluing the self
  • paycheck-to-paycheck living
  • Fear-based shopping

Once identifying key blockages of your abundance flow, I will cast the cards to reveal steps for you to integrate your prosperity for the highest good.

Retrieving your pot of gold special

This reading can be emailed to you personally in Video or Text form. Upon checking out, make your option clear.

The prosperity crystal and candle is blessed and cleansed for your convenience. It will be shipped to the address that you provide during checkout.

Save $24 by ordering this month’s reading special today

I’ve worked with this particular reading before and will be honored to help you understand better how to integrate the shadow and light with ultimate gratitude.

Order this reading on my Facebook page to get an additional 15% off, firefly.

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