What Your Color Lei at the Office Luau Party Says About You and Others

This week one of the operation manager’s I work with decided to splash the office walls with paradise and color! Hosting a tropical themed office luau party is a great way to engage employees and get to know yourself and others in the process. Can you guess where I dived into the fun?

I jumped on explaining to people what their lei color means and what it secretly says about them and their relationship to their career. There’s no limit on the power of color and so it started deep conversations about dreams, goals to advance in the company, and inspired more thoughts about how they can make their workspace work for them based on their work aura.

Since it fired me up so much, I wanted to share it with you because you too can use the information and apply the colors you want that align with your own career and job aspirations!

A little aloha note.

I know that leis are sacred ceremonial objects that have traditional meanings and messages. This is in no way an attempt to diminish authentic lei symbols, I’m sharing the impact of color in a psychological way so that we can be better at our jobs and improve the overall morale of the planet. Most office luau party leis are those ruffled plastic necklaces which aren’t authentic but the fact they’re colorful we can’t ignore the relevance it has for our relationship to our own mental and spiritual identity, professional expression and personality or mood of the work we do by ourselves and with others.

If you’re throwing an office luau party to celebrate company morale and inspire employee engagement this summer, here are 8 color meanings based on your lei choice to get to know yourself and your colleagues better.

Red lei color meaning

Craving warmth, open to working the frontlines, holding a lot of energy inside and needing to use their hands more to produce results

Orange lei color meaning

Social and joyful in their current role, open to learning about new things and meeting new people, work should feel like home

Yellow lei color meaning

Equalizer and often feels comfortable following a set process with little to no change, open to directions from a leader, manager or supervisor

Green lei color meaning

Natural environments are important to them, wants to be near a window, gifts signal appreciation for them

Pink lei color meaning

Enjoys feeling in the know, wants to know where everyone is at, curious about making sure people feel safe

Blue lei color meaning

Loyal to their work, introverted most days, they feel comfortable working individually and in meetings needs to be asked if they have anything to contribute

Purple lei color meaning

Praise is gold for them, wants their job to matter a lot, open to experimenting and working on test products and new campaigns, great at offering feedback

White lei color meaning

Thrives to keep life and work boundaries in place, concerned with appearances and customer facing issues, looks at fine print and details first, tends to prioritize perfection first and deadlines later

Did your eye brow raise a bit while reading this? Every person really does have a unique relationship with color that communicates their mood and so use this guide as a quick reference point to ask questions and facilitate conversations or coaching calls. If you’re in-between jobs or are working from home mostly, your energy is still alive so be sure to think about these colors in your own space and if you want more, get a private color reading with me.

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