What Your Cardigan Color Says About You for World Kindness Day

Nobody works a cardigan quite like King of Kindness, Fred Rogers. You’re invited to wear your favorite cardigan sweater in honor of him during World Kindness Day aka Cardigan Day, thanks to WQED’s mission to make our neighborhoods beautiful and certainly colorful. But what does your cardigan color say about you and where you’re at emotionally, mentally and spiritually in your life and at work?

It wouldn’t be a beautiful day now if you didn’t learn something revealing about your personality and evolution as a human being. Sometimes people do the bare minimum in life and at work then it skews the mood of the conversation, affects the results of a project or manipulates the mental health of everyone around them. This is why World Kindness Day is important everyday not just one day to be kind. More often you should pay for someone else’s coffee in the Starbucks line without the need to post about it on social media, give crystal clear compliments to strangers, or reconnect with someone far away even if it means bringing up hard feelings. This is what being human is about. And when you use color with more awareness, insight and intention, well the whole world feels a thousand times kinder.

Here’s what your cardigan color says about you

❤️Red cardigan color meaning Craving warmth, open to working the frontlines, holding a lot of energy inside and needing to use their hands more to produce a heart centered impact like nursing or playing with puppets

🧡Orange cardigan color meaning Social and joyful in their home is a priority, open to learning about new things and meeting new people, creating memories matters most to you

💛Yellow cardigan color meaning Equalizer and often feels comfortable following what’s trending and new with little worry about what others think, open to ideas that support community, small business owners and that zest for personal authority

💚Green cardigan color meaning Natural environments are important to them, wants to take care of this planet so future generations can enjoy education, art, money, and the joys of having a family

💗Pink cardigan color meaning Enjoys feeling in the know, wants to know where everyone is at, curious about making sure people feel safe, and every gender and identity is entitled to wear pink to communicate love to themselves and others

💙Blue cardigan color meaning Loyal to their work, introverted most days, they feel comfortable working individually and in group gatherings prefers to be asked if they have anything to contribute, lifers and die-hards should wear this color to feel heard with humility and communicate honesty

💜Purple cardigan color meaning Praise is gold for them, wants their job to matter a lot, open to experimenting and working on test products and new campaigns, great at offering feedback and giving affirmations that encourage the spirit of a person or marginalized communities

🤍White cardigan color meaning Thrives to keep life and work boundaries in place, concerned with appearances that feel light and graceful and looks at fine print and details first, tends to prioritize more space for more kindness and consideration in their lives and workplaces

🖤Black cardigan color meaning Probably the easiest and most comfortable for people because it’s accessible and appears slimming. Black is a great color to anchor your energy but can lead to invisibility issues and ignorance. You’re on the edge of transformation and claiming your power deeper. Pop it with colorful nails or jewelry to sparkle and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes

👍🏾 Brown cardigan color meaning You’re working through resources and self sufficiency. Understanding how to create your own roots and find others of like-mindedness to ground and protect you as well. It’s a color energy to find your tribe and sharing resources and ideas

🔘 Silver cardigan color meaning Or gray to be fair. This is signal for wisdom. Memorializing those heroic voices in our humanity that have fallen but are never forgotten. Immortality’s strength in stone. Kindness in this color creates titanium bonds of friendship and sets a new bar of personal achievement. This color wants you to know that persistence pays off in time. Keep shining without doubting your natural gifts and be flexible in learning from leaders and gurus in your industry.


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