What To Say When Someone Asks About Essential Oils

Essential oils are still considered too woo woo for the elite critics and skeptics. So when someone sees your diffuser at the office going or asks about what you use for xyz – what do you say knowing that there’s a high chance they might see you as a delirious follower of pseudoscience?

First of all. This class might help. Most people are skeptical of all sorts of things. Me too. In an overly saturated space of schemes, scams, and spam, we had to learn fast when it comes to marketing and branding tactics that spoonfeed us seriously fake science and news. However, not all new age practices are really new at all. Most of the modalities are so ancient and indigenously organic. Rooted in tradition and family trees older than your western worldview and modern luxuries.

Plants gave pharma life people. There's no need to piss on the dandelion.

How humans were able to produce essential oils so long ago without the technology of the modern era is a bit out of scope for my taste. I respectfully honor their fortitude, but sure do love where we are now. Poor people didn’t have access to the same perks as rich people. At least now, we have some resemblance of a chance. I mean the inequity is still painful, but I firmly believe access is very much a part of our ascension process. Where we are going as a society is sublime. Between the Green New Deal and conscious consumers choosing better in a capitalistic world, I have faith that the woo woo some fear, is the same woo woo keeping us afloat after years of war, famine and greed. A true tug of war worth keeping because it allows accountability, standards, contrast to learn from, and above all – love.

When someone comes to you asking you what that smell is or what’s in the bottle, I hope a thousand faces flood your brain. Families working in fields. Children going to school. A gift of Earth itself to cure the disconnection that modernity has marketed all around us. When all this settles to the floor of your consciousness, speak to the soul of the inquiry. Say the truth.

It’s the power of peppermint. Lavender. Copaiba. Frankincense. Whatever essential oil or blend it is. Name it proudly. Because it’s the lifeblood of this plant and it’s here to change your life and legacy forever.

And when they look at you with that politically correct look on their face that most humans were trained to wear – pull out what you learned from
the Advanced Essential Oil Training: Master The Art + Science Of Essential Oils class and really blow their egoic mind out of this world.

You’re welcome.

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