What is this thing you call pink light?

1505999_10152197569087922_1048989142_nHappy New Moon, firefly! It’s in Aquarius so expect some changes for sure in the give and take department. Well anyway my week started off with magenta post it notes. I broke up my long laundry list into manageable chucks and cast those to dos across my week. I felt in control, empowered and very proud to have found a system that works best for me. Anyone can try this method for their “business or life they love“. I give myself permission to complete 3-4 required tasks in my day and the rest are bonuses!

I recommend it.

Mainly coming up with a system of organization keeps me accountable and responsible for my independence. A little something I shared over at Metaphysical Me this month.

In this fast paced world, I neglect others. Yes, I am coming out to tell you that I don’t get a chance to respond to all the comments, statuses, or messages. I am in the pre-launching mode of an intensive program for you all and applying to full time positions (so I can monetarily support and give back to my relationships). It’s all where it needs to be in this very moment. Yet, if I had not planned out my post its and did a bang of a job knocking the tasks out of the park, then I would have zipped pass this Facebook message!

What is pink light?

Simply asked! What is pink light? Well immediately the sundry of affiliations come to mind but I had no appropriate context to answer the question. This lost firefly came to me based on another reader’s recommendation and any distractions or busy work ceased briefly until I knew I gave her the needed info about the topic in question – pink light.

Turns out the situation dealt with love and we all can concur the outcome. He left her and she is feeling all sorts of ways about the situation. I felt her frantic energy buzzing around my screen. I justly understood that her ex also has a say in the matter that’s not being expressed. Instead of giving her an outlet to feel sorry for herself or to further fuel her anger over someone else not doing what she wants them to do, I simply offered her pink light for compassion and added turquoise light for empathy.

In either case surrounding yourself with self-love and empathy will establish respect. Communication and energetic exchanges need to come from a point of balance. In our egotistical point of reference we often times view ourselves as the victim. We should step away and really consume our time with pure thought and intention. Anything but is creating enlarged coddled energy blobs that are whiny, self-entitled and weak just like those kids visiting the chocolate factory.

Living authentically isn’t about sugar coating hard work to cut to the chase or telling someone what his or her ego wants to hear. Instead of confusing the poor girl, I decided my intention for the light shall be compassion as well as empathy so she can give empathy to others as well as receive it.

Makes sense? 

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