What happens when I meditate with crystals and can’t feel them anymore

amethyst crystal in hand photoI have been meditating with crystals for seven years and each time my awareness shape shifts allowing the weight and feel of the crystal to disappear. It happened on my feet too, but that’s another story for a later date.

So, what the heck does this all mean?

One of my clients I’ve been coaching recently had the same experience with her aquamarine crystal and was brave enough during one of my crystal meditation classes to ask me this question.

Is this normal, I couldn’t feel the crystal in my hand?

The concern on her face was obvious and a smile graced my face. (Yay, someone else with the same experiences, I thought.)

From the knowledge I gathered in terms of meditating with objects of any kind (even sitting/laying on a surface) the physical sense of touch evaporates as you deepen your consciousness.ย In essence you become one or whole with the space and object. So on a teeny tiny level of our being (I’m talking atoms here) we are just energy vibrating and when you are meditating and begin to lose touch with touch, then that’s a key signal that you are becoming mindfully adept with your body and the energy around you. (clicktotweet)

WildMind totally has some great + brief signs of progress if you’ve been meditating for a bit and would like to know if it’s working.

For me, the loss of feeling a crystal is okay! When I am performing in-person color card readings, I have them hold a quartz crystal because while we are discussing the reading, I want that same meditative trance to occur. Oh no! I forgot I even had the crystal is a typical response that falls out of their mouth.

When you do meditate feel free to hold an object dear to you that you wish to connect with on an energetic level. It can be a crystal or family heirloom. However it’s important to cleanse yourself, your object and your space. We don’t want you unlocking any hidden portals ย and letting out the boogie woogies.

There are crystals to keep you away from those by the way!


  1. Hi Bernard,

    I see you are also holding a tachyon in your comic photo ๐Ÿ˜€
    They are beautiful.
    Anyway, just thought I’d drop by to say hi and that I love your energy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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