What are chakras + free playsheet from my color journal

Ok! So I just got a pre-birthday present in the mail and I have to pay it forward by giving you firefly a fun coloring sheet! All you have to do is watch my video and leave a comment below on what chakra you are feeling the most today. I will then email you the sheet but I hope you feel inspired to join where love, light and color meet in order to play more with your chakras.

Tell me what chakra you are focusing on today below in the comments.


  1. Today I am carrying blue lace agate to help me focus on my throat chakra, for I have literally lost my voice with laryngitis! I’m thinking about all the ways I can speak (or right now, whisper!) my truth, speaking from my heart space and my third eye intuition center. I loved this video, Bernard! xo

  2. Right now I’m feeling my throat and heart chakras because I’ve been worrying about my family lately especially my great uncle I just found out about yesterday he’s not doing so good 🙁

  3. B., I have been focussing on all chakras, especially cleansing them (crazy times, I guessed this would work) I focus especially on my Root Chakra, my Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra 🙂 You know my story (Diana Sass), so maybe it makes sense for you too 🙂

    1. Rosemarie, thank you! I am happy my style suits you. 🙂 Solar Plexus is something to watch out for indeed. Try some mindful eating exercises this week, that should help slow the pace and restart your personal power center. Look in your inbox for the playsheet! 🙂

    1. Oh thank you Renee! Do you have any citrine crystals around? If not more yellow in your workings today would be great! I am actually wearing a yellow shirt. 🙂 Be sure to check your email for the playsheet!

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