Wearing Purple on Spirit Day and the Influence of Color Psychology

The purple chapter in Rainbow Revolution is powerful.

Not because I say so, but because that’s the power of the color purple. Purple commands attention, it’s attracts power, and takes you from a victim based mentality to a mindset of infinite sovereignty. Purple helps you see yourself and others in their true form. The essence of spirit being human and humanity being spiritual.

What’s Spirit Day and Why Should You Care

Spirit Day is a holy movement in the LGBTQ space because it’s how we recognize, acknowledge and appreciate our efforts to live more, express our identities more autonomously and break old paradigms for good. It’s on this day where thousands of people from around the world wear the color purple to unite in a higher frequency. Reform a commitment of compassion in the digital space. And remind each other that life is happening for us – not to us. Which is difficult to see or awaken to because so much of our society and those made-up rules are illusions. Much of life doesn’t always feel real or purposeful. And this friend, is where purple comes in to help you transform the hunger games altogether.

I’ve been educating everyone I meet about the influence of color psychology since 2012. It’s the cultural, physical and emotional experiences that people have with color that fascinates me. I hear and see common themes. And often out of discomfort or lack of control, we choose to conform, hide, or even wear black to work as a way to cope with the toxic world fearing our true form or us ourselves being too afraid to see our own worth choose to live stuck, single and strapped for cash. I get it.

We kinda get tricked into believing we came to this planet alone. We are socially programmed to think in order to be independent, strong and successful we have to just roll with the punches. Put up with the bullies. Ignoring bitches has never sat well with my spirit. I don’t like physical confrontation or violence of any kind, but I energetically truthbomb the fuck out of assholes. Because deep down inside I know, with all my heart, that love trumps fear. And I’ve learned to bruise egos with my brilliance not my brawn.

Bruises are purplish right?

Purple like other colors have a range in value. And like color, humans too range in value from light and dark based on their moods, actions, and results. Wherever we are in the spectrum of life, know that you can intentionally influence your environment and energy by using color. And if you don’t know how to get started, then get my book, color cards, or come find me at an event!

Ways to use purple on and beyond Spirit Day

If you think you look bad in purple or don’t own any purple clothes, here are a few alternative ways to influence your life and work with the power of purple:

  1. Paint your nails purple. A lilac for healing trauma/grief or a Dark Violet for speaking up for yourself in school or at work
  2. Keep lavender/jasmine essential oils near by to smell while meditating/journaling during a bad day
  3. Drink from a purple cup while planning your new year vision, and only use that cup while you have this annual date with destiny
  4. Send Irises to a friend
  5. Volunteer your time at a senior care home and bring blueberry muffins
  6. Record your dreams or ideas in a purple planner
  7. Host a power-hour with your closest allies and invite them to bring something purple so you all can perform a power prayer over the items so that they can carry the magic and protection home with them

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