You don’t have to be a medical doctor or an artist to feel the influence of color.

Color shifts our reality. We use color to communicate emotion and feelings, so when we go into the office each day wearing only black. There are consequences.

As black segregates, it hides us from accomplishing more in our life. There’s a practical use to black because of its ability to enhance illusions. However, every day the color can expand darker emotions and keep authentically positive ones from ever being expressed. It’s The Great Silencer. Hiding all the parts of you that you secretly want to ignore. Everyone has an ego and it’s silly to trick yourself (via spiritual bypassing) and others into thinking a shadowy version of you doesn’t exist. We all bring our emotions to work. But you can put the self-resentment and corporate conspiracy to the side so you can start showing up at work stronger.


When I was working as a third party vendor inside a huge accounting firm, it was clear to me that companies like to use uniforms to delineate status and provoke tribalism in the workplace. I overheard a view people talk about the amount of anxiety reduced when they dropped the Jeans Only on Friday rule and allowed denim bottoms to be worn any day. Taxes are stressful enough, and humans shouldn’t have to also worry about what clothes they wear.

Often friends confess to me they feel bad for wearing so much black. And I reassure them it’s ok. This is part of everyone’s journey. I love to wear black with intention and that’s why I’m sharing with you one color to help you stop hating your job and start loving yourself more.

What you wear matters because it’s an expression of not only how you feel or how you want to feel for the day. But it’s about how you make other’s bodies feel based on the electromagnetic spectrum bouncing off of you and going straight inside their pineal and pituitary glands. Since the early 1930s, color has been researched and it’s riveting to me that about 90 years afterward, people come to me sharing how they avoided being fired because they did a color reading in the breakroom, or how they wore their personal color of the day and was up for a promotion. Every story is unique, and color can shape your life in very interesting ways.

Even though I had to wear a uniform at this job, I was determined on improving my mood with color. I hated feeling like a servant. I resented myself for choosing such low pay. I was angry at the system that manipulates millions (typical millennial melodrama). So based on some research and my zest to inspire millions of pissed off people working for the man, I found that in 1978, Alexander Schauss, who operates the American Institute for Biosocial Research in Washington, discovered that a particular color can reduce hostility, violent thoughts, and toxic (feminine and masculine) behavior. I doubled down on my efforts. I wore my pink tie often, I did color readings in my workspace, I painted my nails, I wore my Young Living Wish lipstick and even carried my Joy essential oil with me in my pocket for those blindsiding bossy moments.

In a righteously indignant political world, this is the color we need the most to positively affect our hearts and heads with more compassion and less conspiracy.

The color code is
R:255, G:145, B: 175

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Baker-Miller pink or P-618 , Schauss pink, or Drunk-Tank Pink is featured in The Color Mage Oracle as the color card named, Himalaya. Pure love.

Naturally, if you don’t believe you’re worthy of pure love or worthy of more money than it’s going to be a thousand times harder for you to actually see and maintain progress. Mostly, those that belittle and bully others in the workplace or at home are desperate for love. We can set up our environments to promote that energy. This is why color therapy isn’t a one in done, coloring book. Color is a lifestyle and it takes multiple exposures to reprogram your brain to respond from a place of strength and not weakness.

Ways to Add This Color To Your Life and Work


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