We are going live, firefly

It’s been suggested before and now it is finally here.

Instead of waiting impatiently for my email with your results, I now have a fancy booking system in place for us to Skype or if you live in the United States, phone about your reading.

Start feeling the goosebumps as our energetic bodies connect in the moment. Live.

You may book an appointment with me for:

  • Skype readings
  • Phone readings
  • Event appearances (interviews and parties)
  • Chit chat
  • Meditation coaching
  • other – send me a note first!

You can order a Live Reading at Where Fireflies Shop autonomously and we can schedule your booking afterwards. However if you book without ordering,  I will email you and send a PayPal invoice for the booking. Payment must happen prior to booking and there are no refunds at this time. Other terms of agreement are listed in the booking form such as canceling.

My time has gotten increasingly precious since embarking with Equality Pennsylvania and color splashing my club, so please if you need to talk to me feel free to book anyway. Even my Facebook inbox is a war zone of unread messages because I simply cannot keep up with questions, blog requests and everyday “how are yous.”

Bookings take priority. 

So, because you took the time to book and fill out the information, I know you are committed to chatting and exchanging energy with me for the highest good.

Even you get busy, I know, so if you need a quickie just send me an email.

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