I see the gun violence. I watch the news. I overhear the gossip.

It’s exhausting and it’s ugly. Where’s the light?

A small voice inside whispers – you are the light.

We make a difference every day by choosing to show up in our light. The truth of who you are is woven inside your DNA, memories, and self-expression. If you carry a cynical, depressed and woeful mood well, that’s exactly what you’ll make more of in the world.

I’m tired of feeling angry because I can’t create. I’m done being sad because I’m not married. I’m over trying to prove myself interview after interview with employers ghosting me in the end.

I’m ready to change my mood and change the world.

Are you?

Last winter, I fell on a sheet of ice walking to work. I felt so embarrassed. Worried others would pity me. At that moment, I looked straight up into the heavens and vowed to never walk in the snow to work – ever again. I know why I really fell. Because for months, I felt guilty for wanting to feel differently. I wanted to feel better. That’s why I created this 44 color therapy card deck, Change Your Mood Oracle so that you can stop feeling sorry for the good emotions and intentions you want.

This is a unique social and emotional learning tool that’s aligning people’s hearts with their heads. And I’m so excited for you to have your own copy so we can change the world together one color at a time.

Learn more about Change Your Mood Oracle by clicking here


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