Vote4Bernard as PrilosecOTC’s Official TV Host

And behold! The great and honorable Bernard-Charles is up for running as the official PrilosecOTC TV Host!

Yeah, big deal!? For me it is, but I would like to say I simply ran into this opportunity and have no idea really how I got there besides the power of Google. I simply Googled my way to this possible sponsorship by searching on how to get a sponsorship and there at the bottom of the screen was an ad for PrilosecOTC giving away these sponsorships. So my curious self clicked on the that annoying Google ads that we see swarming over the internet and WHALA! Exactly what I can do to try and get myself out there even more. Not saying this blog isn’t doing the trick….it is, but I do not sit down and write everyday. I am going toĀ digressĀ for a moment. Yes, I feel like you have to write everyday to keep that passion flowing into your creativity. Practice! Practice!—So my own little goal for WordPress is to get Freshly Pressed, by writing everyday.

Now, reeling it back to my earlier point of the sponsorship.

PrilosecOTC is medication forĀ heartburn, now my good ripen age of 19, I do not have heartburn, because well I am young. But figuratively, my heart does burn to become a television talk show host and we all know who gave me the inspiration: See About Bernard! So yeah, with this opportunity I plan on expanding my television exposure, public speaking opportunities, and of course BRAND BRAND BRAND for ‘OTC.

So this post hopefully answers some of your questions as to why the hell is there a purple and pink voting booth on the side of the screen—well folks, you can help me achieve this dream and help other people realize that heartburn should not stop you from doing what you love to do!

Please Vote* 4 Me, THANKS!

*Here are the official voting rules: Vote Once per day/per email! So you can vote every single day until October 15th at 12:00pm, but only once per day/per email. Example– Person A: Ā can Vote for me once every day using that email.

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