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Mobile app review that helps your spirituality

by Bernard-Charles

I had my iPhone 4s for over a month now and absolutely hate it when Instagram cuts out and my camera shuts down all of a sudden. I love taking pictures and want to share phenomenal ones with the world,  but I guess things just aren’t meant to be seen. Even though I have technical issues all the time or become easily overwhelmed with my social media life; there is one app that I have on my phone that keeps me engaged and focused spiritually. Believe me, getting a decent reminder helps in the hustle and bustle of today.

Re-mindindful app photoRe-mindful is a FREE mobile app that allows you to schedule virtual reminders that align with positivity and holistic thought processes like feeling the force or remembering to breathe. The user sets the time frame for when the reminder should appear on the phone and has the option to choose a specific reminder or can select random that generates a different reminder throughout the allotted time.

I have the time frame set for 10am til 10pm and chose the random option as it feels more spontaneous that way. So far, this app helped me to consciously:

  • breathe from my diaphragm
  • stretch whenever possible
  • feel the present moment
  • let out a cute smirk or smile along the way

Sometimes, I get repeats and just deal with it. I don’t complain and just have faith in the app. It’s like picking tarot cards randomly online, but you are in control of performing the action or not. Thus, allowing the app to be successful or not. It’s definitely all about intent. Besides the helpful tips to remind you of what you should do in that very moment, each card also has a correlated quote that helps jog your mind into how you should feel or be toward that reminder.

It was quite astounding to be reading my book and all of a sudden I hear this chime (customizing your notification sound is another personal perk) and look over to see that Re-mindful is telling me to stretch. I immediately feel how stiff my shoulders and neck were from being in that position for so long and let out a great stretch to raise my positive meter even higher. It works!

Some criticisms

The app developers in the FAQ section have stated that the reminder is once a day. I beg to differ. I have set this app’s time frame multiple times and always choosing random and have notifications appear to me different times in one day. I sure do love to smile and give thanks all the time, but the way technology is nowadays is that it sometimes appears to have a mind of it’s own. So, be prepared to receive reminders more than once in a single day.

You may have to reset your time frame and reminder choice if you choose to open the application in between reminders or by mistake. I guess the app is on a default understanding that we need to change our preferences if we choose to click on it.

App’s website is very basic and simplistic. This app isn’t about generating a social community or getting into detail about how to act on the reminders. There is a Re-mindful blog available and you may learn minimal details about each reminder, but other than that you are left with your intuition or sometimes your best guess.

Overall, this app is cute and lighthearted. It promises reminders for the day and it gives you just that and you can never go wrong with a FREE app that offers a decent quality in design. It’s on my must-have app for 2013 and beyond!

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