Unleash the Animal Within: A spirit animal deck with instincts to kill fear

Kelly Eckert and Animal Spirit Design Unleash the Animal Within photoI have been searching for a spirit animal guide book and card deck since the beginning of my spiritual journey and could not connect with any that I’ve seen online or came in passing through a bookstore.

None spoke to me on a deeper level until I came across the talents of Pittsburgh success shaman, Kelly Eckert!

My intuition about spirit guides found its soulmate when I experienced Kelly’s Branding with Spirit Animals ecourse. This 5-week program helped me to discover and clarify my business and life-purpose. No joke. I explain it briefly in my firefly shop description:

It was through a spirit animal journey when I discovered what it means to shine. I call my clients fireflies because in my meditation I collected lightening bugs in a jar to power an abandoned lighthouse. The bioluminescence we possess as a human can be accessed, strengthened and explored.

Exploring is exactly what it takes to understand this multifaceted world and Kelly gave me the perfect blend of compassion, curiosity and courage that it takes to survive in my natural light. All in all, I have mucho respect for Kelly and her talents in weaving biology and spirit.

I’m happy to share with you (finally) a spirit animal deck that I am certain matches my colorful and bold personality. If you enjoy what I do, I know you will drool over this coming soon oracular sensation!

Unleash the Animal Within

No matter where you live, any spirit animal can show up for you. My deck and book reflect this exciting reality. – author, Kelly Eckert

Unleash the Animal Within is on pre-order and features:

  • 88 unique and common animal spirit cards
  • No regurgitated interpretations
  • 5 “mythical” creatures – learn how there’s no such thing as mythical in spirit world
  • Bold and flavorful artwork done by Animal Spirit Design  

Kelly Eckert Animal Spirit Design Unleash the Animal Within photo

What happens when you pre-order today:

Kelly will energetically activate each deck personally! Depending on your order option you can experience these benefits:

  • A signed and numbered card deck
  • A signed and numbered book
  • A digital write-up of the spirit animal of your choice
  • A framable art print of the spirit animal of your choice
  • A personalized spirit animal reading

Read more about the Unleash the Animal Within pre-order packages!


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