Uncovering My Intuition

By Diane Floerchinger

Intuition takes practice and time to develop; the more we listen the stronger the signal. Ignore it and it won’t broadcast well. With my heart shut down for so long, I had no clue that intuition even existed. When I learned to listen to the voice of my soul within, it led me confidently forward even when I did not know where I was heading. I trusted. The few times I chose to ignore it, I sensed I was going in the opposite direction yet proceeded anyway.

In order to survive a life based on fear – something worse comin’ around every corner – I learned to shut down my emotions to prevent overflow. I lived a chameleon life, blending in with my surroundings and simply playing a part in the tragedy my life was becoming.

Having submerged myself in twenty five decades worth of toxic relationships, I hit emotional bottom. Being the consummate victim of life, I could not understand why my life was one cataclysm after another.

My healing journey began with journaling to release my emotions. Years later, daily meditation recreated the timeless beauty of the ocean, and from that, I began feeling that someone was there that wished to say something to me. The tiny voice in my head became louder and clearer by the week.

Spiritual-themed books began flowing to me. I received online recommendations and just knew which to follow up, or I would be browsing in a store and my next book would show up at my fingertips. Each provided an “A-ha” gentle step that answered my questions without overwhelming me.

While recuperating on medical leave from a long-term corporate job, I felt an increasingly suffocating message sitting on my chest warning me about returning to my job. To be able to breathe again, I began a new career in medical office management.

I began to notice that I could peer into people’s eyes and know which side of light and dark their motives were on. I also began feeling into situations. I discovered that if it felt right it was right for me. If it felt questionable, it WAS questionable. If it felt wrong, I stopped in my tracks. Trust in listening to my inner voice grew.

In addition to the books, messages I sensed were meant for me began appearing from various sources such as daily message subscriptions, movie and television programs and words from strangers and friends. I also took note when a response to questions asked within the context of online training programs elicited a “WOW; THAT was intended for ME!”

At times, my developing intuition quietly came out of nowhere, as on the day I just knew not to drive into an intersection even though my light had changed to green. With exact timing, a car came roaring through its red light that would have T-boned me.

Once more I followed my heart and the strong sense that it was my only choice to leave a chaotic work situation and begin a business inspiring others with my words. Walking them through the imaginary doors of fear I had encountered, succumbed to and triumphantly transcended.

My intuition even proved to possess a sense of humor. Attempting to ignore the person I knew I should hire to co-create my website, a number of potential site developers professed no clue as to what I wanted even after I drew detailed pictures.

I learned a significant lesson about ignoring my intuition when a Facebook friendship did not feel right. Regardless of my mistrust, we corresponded for two weeks because I was too busy to think much about it. My intuition grew louder by the day. “HEY!”



I was like Babe the Pig from the movie, singing “La la la la la la la” with my fingers in my ears. My intuition knew something was wrong with my pen pal. Although I was not heeding to what had become SCREECHING, I was beginning to feel strange. I not only felt physically uncomfortable, it intruded into my ability to concentrate on my writing and I was not sleeping well. Sure enough, I soon confirmed a scam.

I have cultivated my intuition to the extent that I am able to help others identify and create their focus in life, and aid them in locating that first step that places them on their new pathway.  As I reach out in my professional and personal life, my heart senses those who can assist me and those who need my support, and I follow its lead and welcome them into my world.

I LISTEN when I ask, “Is this a ‘go’ or a ‘no’ situation or person?” I wait in stillness to see if my heart or any part of my body speaks to me or feels comfort or discomfort. At times there is only silence. When I encounter difficulty with a response, I close my eyes, take a few deep slow breaths, and ask again. I set forth the intention to use my heart, not my head, to respond each time. Something that was not possible until I made my heart available.

We don’t learn how to feel in school or usually even at home. When making decisions, we only know to juggle positive and negative aspect lists and consider good versus bad factors. I believe that intuition comes from our inner self through our heart, working as one voice.  I’ve learned that intuition is a skill I had to practice if I wished to hear it ‘speak.’ With my emotions turned off for such a lengthy time, I had to learn in steps how to access and trust my inner guidance system that proved so intrinsic to success in all areas of my life.

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Diane Floerchinger - Holding the Door Open photo
Diane Floerchinger is an enthusiastic teacher and guide who passionately lives her life walking others through imaginary doors of fear to help them discover the self-empowerment and joy waiting for them on the other side.
She utilizes decades of experience from being trapped as a silent chameleon in a dangerous world of the fall-out from toxic relationships and weight struggles, and her own healing journey that led to mind, body and spirit transformation, to intuitively help others find their next step that places them on the trail to a new life.
Having run from a writing career until she realized it was just one more way she attempted to stay safe and silent, Diane is writing her emotional windows-in-time book, which also offers her readers the methods she used to escape the dark jungle she made of her life for their own transformation. She has a passion for collecting quotations and bases many of her own philosophies on quotes such as Einstein’s “True definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’
Believing the best inspiration is being a role model, she lives her miraculous “YES!” life in a love-tizzy of gratitude with her husband and comical cats. She welcomes the opportunity to speak about the experience her life has provided, and truly enjoys responding to EVERY contact.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DFHoldingthedooropen

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/Dfloer


    1. Thank you Anna. I appreciate your support. It has been a long road from the early years of safe and silent. I utilize my almost unbelievable life experiences as material for my articles and blogs in order to be an inspiration for others, and to teach something I hope might benefit them. That is what success in life means to me as I navigate living outside the rules.

  1. I think that when we are children we naturally trust our gut and intuitive abilities much more than that when we become adults. Years of schooling and cultural pressures encourage us to turn to logic and facts rather than daring to go on the journey deep within ourselves.
    Yet if we dare to go within– searching the unexplored areas our souls and start to trust our intuition, the rewards we may find there make it well worth the adventure.

    1. Hi Nancy. I appreciate your taking the time to stop by, read and comment. I completely agree with you. Most children, unless they are subject to abuse or unusual circumstances that shut them down, are more intuitive. They are in touch with their REAL selves, having not yet learned to hide them. I believe we are meant to have intuition to guide our lives; the “GPS” that others have written about. It takes time to develop once we lose it as children. It also takes courage to TRUST ourselves. And it is totally worth it in terms of what it can add to our lives.

  2. I feel that I am very much like the chameleon. I do not have bad relationships (I do not have relationships at all), but I feel like I am hiding…. not just ‘feel,’ I know I am. I, too, would love to write a book, but do not feel good enough of a writer. Even as I work on developing spiritually, I am not very good at listening to Intuition. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Hi, Peacenowflower, thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. I dealt with the “not good enough” feelings for decades so I have lived what you are relating. I was a chameleon; equating silent with safe.

      I get a sense that you are on a journey searching for yourself; uncovering the REAL you. Everyone is a work-in-progress and just taking that first step can create miracles. I use my experience to inspire and teach. I intuitively know someone’s next step forward. You mention your desire to write as well. I understand writing and help others find their purpose and their writing voice.

      I hope to see your name again soon. I send blessings to you, gentle one. ♥

      1. Cassandra, I also wanted to add that developing a spiritual practice may take time and patience in developing the ability to ‘be still;” yet it is so worth it in terms of what it adds to every area of our lives. Knowing that we can trust ourselves and listen to our inner voice is a gift of huge proportion.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story Diane! This is a wonderful article. If we all trusted our intuition we would never feel alone. Trusting our intuition is our inner compass leading us through life and connecting us with the Divine within.

    1. I appreciate your reading it and taking the time to comment, La Tanya. You are so correct; if we TRUSTED our intuition we would not be making decisions alone. That key word TRUST is a mountain for some; so excited that you are there for those who need assistance with discovering and connecting to the Divine within them.

    1. Hi Katie, thank you for taking the time to stop by. We have soooo much in common for sure. I know that feeling of identifying so much with a story that it brings tears to my eyes. See you soon!

    1. Hi Rose, I really appreciate your stopping by and taking the time to comment. I have lived – and continue to live – the kind of unusual life that often makes me shake my head and question if it was all a dream. I always hope that people who would most benefit from reading my articles and blogs are able to do so because I LOVE teaching and entertaining from my experience.

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