Unburied my past life in the arms of an ancient eruption + still alive

tumblr_mkyo5tugZ41qc99umo1_500It was fourth of July, and my family and I ventured to the nearby park to enjoy a multicolored light show for our country’s freedom and democracy.

This was years before any school knowledge crept into my mind’s eye. But I’ve always felt my environments through empathy and this experience was no different.

We sat relatively far away from center stage decorated with gunpowder  boxes and agile men with lighters. The scene felt wild and smoky. I began to feel vulnerable and excruciatingly scared each time a loud boom clapped above me.

My mom told me to hold onto my ears as hard as I could. Drowning out the crackling and guttural sounds of the explosions, I wept silently in grief.

I never did like fireworks since this experience but something about this memory struck me hard in my recent soul-retrieval meditations. Various childhood memories were pieced together like a jigsaw to later reveal an ancient incarnation.

The fear of fire follows me around quite a bit. At a young age, I accompanied my sister to a fire pit and she accidentally tripped inside the ash and burning coals. She was rescued by my uncle and rushed to the hospital.  We found out she had third degree burns on her feet and thighs at two-years-old. That moment constantly nagged my mind. I still wonder if the feeble four-year-old boy could have saved his sister.

Perhaps the element of fire is inevitably a blessing as well as a curse.

All month long, I have been meditating with herkimer diamond crystals and it’s metaphysical property consists of soul retrieval and that’s exactly what I intended on experiencing. Oh boy, did I ask for it. The memories continued to resurface and erode those fear based thoughts that seemed to be locked away for so many centuries.

Our DNA is an hour-glass of our past, present and future. (click to tweet)

I continued to breathe steadily and focused my inner sight on an elementary school thought. A large textbook is before me and I am directed to read the assigned chapter that’s marked in big frightful letters – CATASTROPHE. This was my first exposure to the notorious landmarks of destruction captured in human history. (Titanic, Hurricanes and some Molasses flooding, you know that sort of thing.)

Logic would have it we must start with the oldest disaster and then I awoke from my trance. Immediately, my mind synthesized my journey to point to one pivotal interest that I’ve always been drawn toward since learning about it in third-grade.

The history of Pompeii brings immense emotion from me and between the fears associated with loud noises and fire. I am lead to believe that I was a member of the society that became frozen in time because of a massive volcanic eruption.  The intuitive knowing that I have a strong connection to volcanoes is truly miraculous. When Hibiscus Moon published her crystal video talking about minerals that are underrated or need some crystal healing love, I was immediately drawn to basalt.

Basalt is a volcanic rock! And just last week I obtained some lava rock and pumice to work with energetically.

Images and stories about volcanoes now have a greater resonance with me because I am more aware of my past life. It’s funny because this month part of the Soul Path Tribe we are working with Baba Yaga energy but I don’t have an image that best represents her so I chose the Bone Collector card from The Enchanted Map oracle cards. This card represents reclaiming those aspects of ourselves that we once lost. This experience was definitely a bone worth picking!

The depth of my eternal being has grown since knowing my incarnated story and it’s necessary to tell you this truth because energy can totally stay in one place after immense pressure and destruction. This can explain those empathetic feelings toward 9-11, memorials, cemeteries and battlegrounds. Our soul’s abilities and history is truly part of our energetic structure and for me it took empathy, intuition, minimal school knowledge to unleash a piece of my soul map.

Well, this has been my journey so far to tell you the truth. I am still working on healing any frustrations or dispiritedness from my past life. This past weekend, I pulled a color for myself and it turned out to be red – free yourself from pain. Freeing myself from karmic pain is more like it and that’s been happening and I am glad to be working on my color energy with a purpose. Will you join me in retrieving your own light, firefly? I am certain your experience with colors, crystals and meditation will be just as unique, I would love to witness and excel your spiritual evolution through The Color Reader Club, first day of color is April 1.



  1. So, I was sitting in my 7th grade classroom in 1966 when the teacher, sitting on her desk, dangling a leg, says “Now children, imagine yourselves on the streets of Pompeii in 79 AD. I’m looking all around the room, wondering why no one is panicking. That was my intro. I’ve met lots of people who were there. I was on my way home from the marketplace with my fiance. Needless to say, we didn’t make it out.

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