TV Host Knock Out

SO. Today was my last day at my internship and I am seriously going to miss people there. I feel like now, it was a good experience. I just got spooked because I was leaving so soon. Hmm, better days ahead of us right?

Well anywho. I caught up on my pop culture. Justin Beiber is coming out with a memoir! Ugh this pisses me off. I like joking around with Beiber, but seriously dude! A memoir.  Only 16 years old! NOT fair, for those of us who may have more interesting lives. Thank you very much.

In other news, American Idol. People are being hush hush about it. Kara got fired and Ellen is leaving. Ugh. I am not going to watch it this coming year. Nope. Unless my friend Rachel DeJesus gets in! That is the only way I am going to watch and vote!

Also, I found out that this Jennifer Keeton girl going for her master’s degree in counseling is suing her school in Georgia, because they are telling her she has to take remediation because she does not believe in homosexuality. Well, Ms. Keeton. Don’t be a counselor. Right! Aren’t counselors suppose to be unbiased and no tell their own views? Keeton is a special case I presume. But we won’t know because she is not allowed to speak to reporters says her attorney.

Anyway, out of the gossip of today! I have some more important news. I have over a hundred Facebook friend requests! Crazy I know. But my friend is friends with like over a thousand people and most of them are celebrities. Well, how do you know for sure that they are real celebs. Ugh hurts my brain. Some of this psycho fans will do anything to feel closer to famous people. Oh not saying my friend is a psycho, I am calling the crazy people those who make up fake pages and what not and pretend they are famous because they have no life. Those are the psychos.

But my friend passed along my info and now, I am just dripping with celebrities wanting to be America’s Future Talk Show Host friend. Oh sweet.

Haha so comment on your favorite celeb and I will totally try and network a bit for ya.

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