Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign Color and What It Could Mean for the Country

I wrote this piece on Marianne Williamson’s choice of campaign colors. And I can’t ignore the sunset joy of Hawaii’s very own Tulsi Gabbard. She’s articulate in her campaign interviews and the mere fact that she stepped down from the DNC to support Bernie Sanders says a lot about character and commitment to healthcare and wealthcare. So it’s only fair to share my insights on her campaign’s color choice and what it means for the consciousness of the United States of America.

Like Marianne, Tulsi’s color lives in the heart chakra. A space of compassion and renewal. But it also vacations in our root chakra. The center of our physiological needs. Our will to survive. Our security. Our home.

I’m using encycolorpedia and htmlcsscolor to look up similar colors found online.

Cinnabar #EE3831

Also known as Salsa del sol and Be spontaneous. It’s the color of the hibiscus flower and commonly attributed to represent paradise in Hawaii. Cinnabar is also a crystal in metaphysics for vitality, power, and dignity aiding community service driven projections and passions. Very fitting.

Since the release of Moana. America has been pining for a female hero. A spirit that’s strong as the sea. Tulsi found her calling in the military and made it her mission to serve the public as a representative. And tulsi (holy basil) is highly cared for by Hindu devotees as being a sacred planet emulating an earthly representation of the goddess Tulsi. This personification and practice of worship gives me deep joy.


Like in Marianne’s campaign message. You can feel the absolute necessity of our next president to be not only sound in policy but also sound in spiritual practice. Tulsi is using a color in my color deck called Sunset joy. It’s this color that in numerous coaching sessions with people of all faiths and life experiences, I go deeper with what they’re looking for on the horizon of their human evolution. Excavating desires. And getting familiar with peace while a warzone goes off inside their minds and circumstances. Often I’m in the field, crawling in headspace and heartspace, trying to recover and heal casualties. It’s heartwrenching and deeply satisfying once we arrive to the shores of our own sancturary. A richer sunset and hopeful sunrises to come. This is why her logo isn’t just one flat color, but a gradient of the rising sun. The darkness fades and aloha is born.

But in much joy, much jealousy and jarring realities exist. Tulsi has the first-hand experience in war. The sunrises and sunsets aren’t only picturesque moments in your backyard. These are major milestones of time that may mark the end of someone’s life or memorialize someone’s hope to see the light on the horizon of a new day in a country that is under extreme evil. There are places on this planet that are in deep pain and suffering because of the United States’ gregarious involvement in war regime interventions. This is when the color of joy transforms into judgment. We’ve become overzealous and overestimate our privilege. The bravado of our military budget believes we’re playing a plastic game of Battleship. It’s when acts of service become acts of solicitation. We helped you out, now you owe us something. That kind of toxic masculinity doesn’t earn valor. Choking the autonomy of a nation who doesn’t want to be punished more because of an outsider deciding to poke the beast harder is immoral and unjust. An unkindness that Tulsi wants to transform. It’s kin to a child being abused at home and when the school gets involved, the parent lashes out a thousand times more often and harder. Out of pride, hatred, and embarrassment. The heat of hatred getting more intense as we pollute our politics with partisanship, pride, and war profiteering.

The shadow aspect of this color energy that it’s trying to invoke is healing. Ho’oponono. Forgiveness. It’s a coral red hue that’s asking us to forgive ourselves for projecting entitlement over society’s that we see as separate and weaker. It’s reminding us to be generous with the wealth and health of this country. I’m not super familiar with Tulsi’s ideas on other pressing issues our country faces as those haven’t been made clear on her website, but I do appreciate her commitment in foreign policy and international relations.

Our next president should be someone that’s taking a look at not only our physical needs but also our emotional and spiritual ones as well. Holding an open space as one nation under that all-encompassing godforce we all know by the name of love. So I love the precision and focus Tulsi is delivering. I’m eager to see her, Marianne, and Bernie in the debate. So let’s make sure we help support everyone we can with our strengths and our brave hearts.

So from my heart to yours.


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