Trusting your own inner voice

By Victoria Zaitz

As a professional psychic, many of my clients and students ask me, how do you know that your insight is guided by your intuition? Or is it just a figment of your imagination, wishes, or hopes?

Great question.

The answer has to do with your ego.  Not your big-headed ego, but that “ego” that recognizes they are separate from the rest of the universe.  Except, of course, it is not separate. We are all connected.  Your ego is that part of you that wants things to turn out your way, to your ideals and expectations.  The reality could be very different, wildly better than your craziest dreams, or worse than your rose-colored glasses would like you to think. Your ego will get in the way, whether you are “tuning in” for yourself, or for another person.  It is no doubt sometimes easier to get an objective view from a professional that does not know you.  But intuition is meant for you to use as your own internal GPS.  It does not fail you, but the catch is—you have to LISTEN, TRUST, and ACT.

Your intuition is speaking to you all the time, in the background of your awareness like a white noise. To become conscious of it, you have to pay attention to it.  Noticing is half the battle.

Here are some clues. Intuition does not usually come about through a long, drawn out, left-brained, analytical thought process.  It is relatively quick.  It comes through a word, a voice, a color, an image, a feeling, and even at times, a smell.  It is subtle and you must be open to noticing it. Once you have noticed, you must trust all of the information attached to your insight. It is like downloading a computer file that you must unzip, feel into.  Then, you must let go of your ego. You have to let go of what you want it to mean.  You have to let go of what your brain thinks it to mean.  It does not normally require endless rumination or interpretation. Put down your symbol book.  And really, really, LISTEN. 

Once you have all of its parts, you have to TRUST.  Now it may not always be what you want to hear.  Let’s face it; life is what happens when we are busy making plans.  TRUST that it is not your imagination. Imagination is an active process. Close your eyes right now and visualize a tree.  The difference between your imagination creating that tree, and you going about your business then receiving an inner vision of a tree, or receiving a vision in meditation, is the difference between an active process and one that receptively comes to you. TRUST has to do with you being honest with yourself and being honest about the circumstances of your life. It is not only about valuing yourself, but about valuing the universe and knowing that because we are all connected, you are bound to receive good guidance, many times without even asking.

You can create a “trust bubble” around a specific circumstance where you vow to trust absolutely every tidbit and morsel of guidance you receive.  Let’s say you have an issue you need to sort out.  You start with a meditation, clearing your mind, body, and spirit.  Then you ask your question.  Wait for an answer, accept whatever form it comes in, and what you are receiving.  Make an agreement that you will listen to, and trust, whatever comes up. Then stop ruminating and allowing your ego to get in the way.  Accept what is given, trust what is given.

The third step is to ACT.  What good is it if you receive a gift then keep it hidden in a closet? You must trust enough to act on it.  If it says something isn’t right with a person or situation, trust that, and act by becoming more observant and by taking the steps to find out what this “not right” feeling is about.  Doing so in many instances could literally save your life.  Intuition comes from a higher Source, a higher perspective—one that is not just  “Me, Me,Me.”  It will give you the bigger picture, much like stepping back from an image on a canvas allows you to see what is really there, rather than getting out your microscope and examining the brushstrokes.

Call that Source God, the Universe, the Light, the Good, Love…whatever you call it means less than if you listen to it or not. Trust that you are connected—Listen, Trust, and Act.

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1395226_554190384667497_431551090_nVictoria Zaitz is a full-time professional psychic counselor, medium, reiki healing practitioner, spiritual guide, intuitive development teacher, workshop leader, and lecturer. Working internationally since 2007, she has worked with thousands of clients, successfully building her business almost exclusively through word of mouth and client referrals. She has made a lifelong study of all things metaphysical, including many religions and spiritual practices, particularly mindfulness, vipassana and other forms of meditation and has participated in numerous meditation retreats.

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  1. Hi Victoria. Nice picture. Love your cleavage…sending many positive thoughts your way. 🙂

  2. Hi Victoria, a great instructional post that is well-written. Okay, as another writer who loves words, I’m smitten with your writing (“wildly better than your craziest dreams, or worse than your rose-colored glasses would like you to think…”) and a new follower. Someone with the question of just HOW to find and use their intuition would do well to read this. Being that our intuition is knocked out of most children and hidden so that as adults we have to do the work to uncover it again, the instructions really are necessary.

  3. love the glasses!

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