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The Bernard Charles Show timeline

by Bernard-Charles

If you have a Facebook Page, understanding the point of a timeline online isn’t that difficult. I mean timelines were created even before the magic of the world-wide web, but regardless things are more interactive now. Timetoast is a website that gives you the ability for FREE to create your own timelines in a very easy embeddable way.

However, WordPress.com blogs are always  doomed when it comes to embedding helpful tools like a timeline because security is of utmost concern for them. For this reason, I have to simply give you the link and hope you will feel tickled to click on it.

Bernardtalks.com in Time and Space

Most of these milestones and important dates are on my America’s Future Talk Show Host Facebook Page, but some information provided are key to the blog itself. For example, I have noted the most popular or visited posts in the year or when the blog receives credited exposure like the time it was a feature on WordPress earlier in January 2012 for the movie review on Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

I have blogged on this show-blog since 2009 and it has grown up so very fast. I’m excited to see how well I did for the 2012 year , and looking toward setting goals for 2013.

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