The Whale Project: A group effort to save the whales

whale300x300Sierra Koch of The Spirituality Seeker, was part of my Spirit Wellness link party this year and we’ve been buddies ever since – on Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great pleasure to tell you that she asked me to submit something special to her beloved effort in raising money for the whales.

With a dozen of contributions, I got the confirmation email this morning that this ocean wide initiative is ready for you to read, firefly!

I among 11 other sparkly lights revealed stories, art work, meditations and more to showcase the beauty of the whale.

All proceeds will be given to

Here is the list of prominent contributors:

You can keep this 36-page booklet on your electronic readers and computer! I’m off to meditate with the whales, firelfy! Hope to see you help the fishys too!

Go read more about The Whale Project for only $25

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