The sweet tales and tears of Milton Hershey School

I finally had the chance to watch the entire Milton Hershey School (MHS) documentary that Academy Award (R) winning documentary director and cinematographer, Cynthia Wade has so truthfully woven together. Depicting the lives of several MHS students from enrollment to graduation, this film captures not only the impact that the Hershey, Pennsylvania private-boarding school offers to low-income families, but it reveals the soul and light that becomes the students. They find themselves.  To commemorate 100 years of the Milton Hershey School, this documentary hit me hard as I connected with my own memories of those final days before graduation and to sympathize with student home rules, homesickness, and the pride it takes to join clubs and organizations much like the students in the film. This documentary is a true depiction of what a student and their family can go through, but nonetheless MHS is a once in a lifetime opportunity and absolutely rewarding for all the resources available to its students upon arriving to the school and departing after graduation.

I am happy to say that the full-length documentary Living the Legacy: The Untold Story of Milton Hershey School is now available at or you can watch the film below. 

For more information about Milton Hershey School, please visit the school website to get more information or APPLY ONLINE to enroll your child into the most life saving and sweetest school there is in the United States.

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