The secret meaning behind marsala the color of the year

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Marsala the Courtesan

“She wanted something else, something different, something more. Passion and romance, perhaps, or maybe quiet conversations in candlelit rooms, or perhaps something as simple as not being second.” – Nicholas Sparks

When Maroon looked down at Marsala for the first time after much risk in bringing her into this world, her daughter’s out of wedlock demeanor darkened her pastel glow of innocence.  Marsala was neither fully dark or light but a mix of both which would cause turmoil in how others would relate to her heartiness. Unimpressed by the attention her mother gave to Marsala’s condition over the years, Dark Scarlet underestimated her half-sister and encouraged others to neglect Marsala’s legitimacy as a pure Burgundy.

Rarely feeling like others understood her, Marsala kept reserved and mannered during social functions and never was engaged to think for herself.

The lighter and cautionary Marsala struggled with nurturing her natural beauty because she compared her varying degree of color to that of her half-sister’s outgoing and bold tendencies. In the depths of her mind a war raged as Marsala craved a balance in sophistication and tasteful promiscuity. Finding herself relentlessly unaware of her true beauty and constantly trying to prove to others she has substance, Marsala slips easily into people’s shallow minds and her identity fades from her heart.

Belittled by jaded individuals and hardened spirits, Marsala loses gratitude for her versatile two-spirited self and begins to fall restless in her homeland.

Marsala’s success depends not on a selfish need for money or possessions but a genuine thirst for self-compassion. After much self-hatred, Marsala was banished from living a luxurious life. Ostracized from the dark lavished world, the refuge Marsala traveled to seek out a path of her own. Over time the cultivation Marsala brought to the lands elegantly adorned others’ passions but none of which she could call her own.

Her vulnerable submissions to others for the sake of validation encouraged codependency and left her in a dismal massacre of self-abandonment as a town lover.

Indulging in her deeply rooted acts of self-sabotage and delicate need for simplicity, she inspired others in slowing the pace of their hedonistic passions by establishing boundaries to mentally as well as physically clarify spiritual desires. Harboring an indifference to sex, Marsala the Courtesan intrinsically knew that she perfectly nurtured both light and dark, but her quest in redemption caused an uproar among her desperate suitors. Her blood and water would eventually create the port of God allowing ships to sail carrying men and women to fall enchanted by the beautiful flavor of Marsala’s selfless compassion.

Beholding beauty in color

Marsala’s reddish brown color toned by white or black depends on your individual perspective. As such you may feel compelled to see this color as blasé and indifferent because it neither works either side of the coin fully. Perhaps you have some compassion and feel for the doggedness that Marsala brings to the table. Either way, it’s a free choice to like or dislike, but Marsala’s story is enriched by the communion of indulging our light and dark passions towards feeling beautiful and worthy of love.

So much of society is glossed over when it comes to the right or wrong because we lost our ability to really pay attention and accept our egos especially when it comes to sensuality and expressing our evocative side. Personally, I struggle with my provocative side because like Marsala, I am indifferent to sex. And much rather not label or attach expectations to how the moment should arise. Of course proper health concerns are valid so I am not saying throw caution to the wind and pile up with an orgy.

What I do mean is that passions cannot be judged. They are rawly evolving and it’s because with each experience we gain and lose we have to take responsibility in nurturing pleasures to the best of our abilities.

Realistically most of us don’t live in this color enough because we fear the repercussions of enjoying a grounded tale of passion and beauty because it makes us vulnerable and to a certain degree uncertain of our facades we project daily. I find myself locked up inside battling different aspects in pushing my boundaries, neglecting personal space for myself, accepting sex and delivering intimacy because I’ve been ruthlessly conditioned to step away from my true self by the royal ruse of all – fear.

Using Marsala metaphysically

There is more to this color than meets the eye and the best way to unlock what it means for you personally is by indulging in the energy of Marsala yourself.

  • Eat some pomegranates and coconuts
  • Wear or create garnet, smokey quartz and moonstone crystal jewelry
  • Drink hot chocolate with chai tea
  • Experience depth of your sexuality with tantra or tantric sex
  • Host a sex toy party
  • Create nude art or hang nude art in your home
  • Journal your deepest pleasures in a masala notebook
  • Watch Vanity Fair and tell me if promiscuity has room for sophistication

Until next time love, light and color 


P.S. I perform personalized color videos and would love to read your evolution in color.


    1. Oh delicious! I really like how it’s the color of my kitchen and the combination of chai and hot chocolate! 😀 But there is a downside to it though being a bloody stained marking kind of color so perhaps it’s not the best healing color of course but it does give us some room to work with 🙂

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