The lantern light against the dark night


I am in solitude. 

The darkness somberly awaits for me to arrive. 

Last eve, I had the most enchanting experience. There I was entering a mausoleum and pushed my hands down before this earthbound structure. It had a figure unknown to man resting on top of a large rectangular block. The soil cradled my  fingers and I could feel the pulse of stagnancy of all these years. 

A soul trapped beneath concrete and encased by death itself. 

We mourn those we lose. 

We forget times when life was ever lasting in the moment. 

We no longer love.

Words began to fall from my mouth and my intentions were to raise this soul from the dead. Breathe life into its fallen body. And make love with the reaper himself. 

A green glow surrounded my hands and tombstone. It ascends into the dark expanse above. I pulled my glance closer and saw the markings of what is familiar. 

I found only one word enter my focus. 


I awoke empowered this morning. Finally understanding what I had lost was buried and protected for centuries. My third eye unlocked this vault and I am most grateful. Reclaiming my true self is important and valid. I seek nothing more than borne a forgotten sun.

Respecting yourself may not always be cured by shopping or taking a wild outlandish vacation. It may simply be to face the dark and pace yourself as you embark through an alley of fear and unknown.

At this time, I will be respecting myself a lot more and just as much light I have the power to produce, I can equally conjure waves of darkness to keep my enemies in fear. I do not play for the sake of romanticizing this life.

Authenticity bears the mark of light and dark.

Stay true to yourself and raise your past lives from the dead. You have lessons to learn and stories to tell.

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2 thoughts on “The lantern light against the dark night

  1. This is brilliant. I’m glad to hear you’re getting in touch with those dark corners of yourself.

    1. They were hiding but no more!

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