Tag you’re it.


I am minding my own business when Hibiscus Moon tags me in this intuitive YouTube challenge!

Enjoy my answers to these 15 AWESOME questions and I dare you to make your own video because I am tagging you!

1. Share your first paranormal experience that comes to mind.
2. Have you ever had a premonition?
3. When did you get your first Tarot or Oracle deck? What deck was it?
4. What element do you connect with the most?
5. Do you believe in Faeries?
6. Do you prefer the Moon or the Sun?
7. What is your favorite Crystal or Stone?
8. Can you see spirits/spiritual beings?
9. Would you rather be able to fly on a broomstick, breathe under water, make things grow fast, or control fire?
10. What is the animal totem that you feel most connected too?
11. What is your first animal/spirit totem?
12. Tell us about your first spirit guide?
13. Do you feel more connected to the stars or the Earth?
14. What is your preferred method of blessing/cleansing?
15. What color do you feel most spiritually connected too?

Until next time <3 :star: and :mrgreen:

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10 thoughts on “Tag you’re it.

  1. Hi Color ( Bernard) :
    I Love Color and i am so happy that i have found a Person that is so Passionate about it 🙂
    Let’s create A Rainbow together 😉
    And Let the Great work and Our Passion Rolling 🙂

    With Gratitude,

    1. Hey Sally thanks for stopping by! A rainbow a day keeps the crazy in play lol. What’s your favorite color?

  2. Bernard! This video is amazing! We have so much in common, I could cry for joy, I was smiling the whole time.
    Thank you, you fantastic firefly!!!!!

    1. Amy thank you love for your comment! I don’t normally watch my own videos but this one I was curious and – I have to say – me too! I could not stop smiling!

      1. Right after I watched this, I colored my hair bright red. Feels fabulous!!!!!

  3. Yay! so good to see you doing video. I’ve been missing them since you stopped. If you need material, structure, I could totally throw some ideas your way. Or there’s at least a couple things I’ve been meaning to throw at ya through your Dear Color Mage thing 🙂 I should probably do that, har.

    1. I miss you too Erin! Well I feel terrible with the video thing mostly because I feel guilty I don’t have super magical equipment. I mean I got the basics – so I shall be grateful – right now. Breathing in gratitude over what I do have.

      1. What are you thinking you need? basics works just fine! I find the best, most creative things come out of limitations, working with what one has. What would you do if you had no limits?

      2. Produce a talk show.

      3. Is television your ultimate goal for your talk show if you had nothing to stand in your way? What would it look like? what would it feel like? what kind of people would you work with?

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