The firefly 500 giveaway is happening now

Fantastic day to you already!

My Facebook page has birthed 500 lovely fireflies to my doorstep and so I am celebrating with a special giveaway!

One of the prizes is magically sponsored by Hedgewytch Herbals, one Sacred Space Purification Kit

Comes as a Kit…and you put it together , tailoring to suit your needs…You build it, charge it, and activate it. Clear the Negative energy from your Space. Great for Meditation areas. Reiki areas, Bedrooms, Altars…Wherever energy may gather.

sandy meditation room clear pic


Additional prizes include a Daily Grace Oracle card reading for 1-week, Herkimer Diamond crystal meditation ebook, and finally the grand prize: One year membership to The Color Reader Club*

500 fb likes giveaway image promo*see terms and conditions

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