Tea and Zen at Thrive Wellness Center promotes compassion

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My work at Thrive is more than just a job to incur funding to survive, I believe that what really counts is guiding people to live a happier and healthier life. Every month there is a Tea & Zen discussion about Eastern spirituality at the holistic center and fortunately I was able to lead lastnight’s discussion because the original practitioner was not able to come. 

We talked about three Eastern Goddesses: Kuan Yin, Tara and Amaterasu. I briefly acquainted the legendary stories of each Goddess with the participants and allowed the conversation to take form. I always admired a nice openness in all my classes and when the teacher would promote autonomy, I felt satisfied in my well-being. Most listened to what I had to present on the constructs of compassion, empathy and love. Since the event was only an hour and some guests needed to leave right away, I kept the pace quick and followed my original goal in leading a guided meditation. 

The energy filled the room quickly and you could hear the breaths as they inhaled and exhaled from the body naturally. My intuitive self protected everyone in a compassionate bubble and I asked for the present energy to heal, strengthen and love any times of stress during the past week, negative people and to the wreckage in the Philippines. The meditation continued positively and everyone eventually came back feeling relaxed, aware and centered in compassion. 

I am grateful. 

To close the night, I did make sure to tell my fireflies about the Inner Goddess Revolution and all the amazing energy that group shares, creates and inspires! As we’ve learned last night, compassion has no gender and we all have an inner goddess stored within our human core. 


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