Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today March 1

Two days ago, we had this wand energy come up. It’s about what we choose to carry proudly. How we present ourselves in the world. And an opportunity to become self-made. Today we’re starting to go into the new month with a new idea and identity of who we are. You chose this. You chose to pick a person over another. A position away from home. A road less traveled by your ancestors in order to experience a different facet of your inherent faith. Today marks a step forward in understanding what you’re actually trying to prove not only to yourself but to the world. Earth is ready for you.

Knight of Wands is about creating respect, fast. Feeling accomplished by testing out your theories and ideas. While you’re playing detective, you must connect the dots. So in your haste and thirst, remember that agility is only valuable when the details are taken care of. Expectations are communicated. And you have a firm grip on your identity. So you can bounce back from the breakdown because the bruising that’s happened over the last few months is starting heal. You can sense a new strength in your character and commitment to creating more respect. The Devil is in the details. And every small step and ounce of due-diligence adds up. This housekeeping helps you have fun later. Going to work now makes it possible for you to enjoy the contrast of vacation and days off later. You were an unarmored apprentice before, but now you’re suited up and ready to go.

Lucky for you, we have two colors today for our reading. New Thyme and Typha together speak of health, wellness, environments, and landscape architecture. You’re suited up and armored by divine power to navigate the terrain fast. A job opportunity within wellness and earth conscious spaces is expected to open up and you’re being called to hit the ground and dash with diligence. It’s literally a new time for you to stop doubting your worth and the worth of this idea you have about what it means to live a good life. You want respect? You want to be invited more than once? Creating more respect requires you to hold confidence in your own unique vibration, personality, and interests. You don’t need a Starbucks job if you truly don’t feel called to work there. There’s no shame in that. Most humans automatically judge you for not wanting to do food prep, retail or barista work. People judge you for not wanting to have sex in a certain way. The ecology of being human is growing.

Our brown Typha color comes from the genus of plant that grows in wetlands. Cattails. Often the first to show up in wet mud and create more space for life. It’s a source of food for animals, homes for wildlife and indigenous people of the Americas would use it as tinder. Just to sustain systems, processes, and keep the cycle of life going while you dash forward, you need fuel and a means to create quick habitat. Pop up marketing. Grassroots campaigning. Sustainable fiber-based packaging. Also camouflage. While you want to move quickly, commit proudly and reinvent your image, you may like to consider ways to blend into your surroundings not out of sacrifice but for survival. What was natural is no longer. Climates have changed and conversations are quickly shifting. Look around you locally and build your empire from there instead of trying to be in more than one place at the same time.

Be a cattail sticking out like an outlier in the mud.

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