Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today February 28

Anger is all the rage right now, especially in this yoga class. But why? Today’s message is poking at how insecure you feel about your own indignation. There are specific injustices happening around the world and on social media, everyone and their mother wants to have their opinion anointed by the holy powers that govern all. But the attention you’re actively choosing to ignore or refusing to feed into often festers under the skin. Your procrastination is your weakness. Avoidant personalities are too afraid of their own authenticity and almost always get the short end of the stick. Justifying their avoidant excuses and poof. Procrastination tsumani hits you with anxiety, overwhelm, lethargy and self-loathing resent.

Nine of Swords energy brings those projections and expectations you’ve been dissecting all week to the forefront. Even if you’re still having hang-ups over your identity and making a newfound path, today the universe wants you to feel the heat of your own inner flame. This fire inside of you can be used for creation instead of destruction. Although what’s truly being destroyed isn’t the innocence of your character. What’s actually dying are all those projections and expectations you have when it comes to love and being loved in return. If you’ve been tossing in your sleep over the gravity the group holds over you, then channel the color of the day.

Sekhmet is a burnt orange color singed with conviction and spirit. It’s the fire of the Phoenix right now that you want to completely be of service to. Sekhmet was originally created to destroy humanity because humans are stupid but the Divine intervened saving us from her bloodthirst. Often we get so mad at how things are that we implode on ourselves and create physical stress in our lives then get swept up in the cycle of our own self-doubt and social mutilation. Cutting ourselves out of the group. Locking ourselves in our rooms. And avoiding conversations with meaningful people. Going on a social media block unfriend unfollowing spree. Today you could feel the aftermath of the solar storm facing earth right now. It’s playing with your mood and the mood of our conversations. A little more anxious and unapologetic than usual.

The weight of the world does feel like it’s on top of our chest. Making it harder to breathe. But those projections, expectations and rules might have to be thrown out in order to rebuild. A renewal is taking place. And the only way you’re going to get a grip on your life right now is by embracing a new you and a new way to live. Progress isn’t perfect. It’s not even pretty at times. But the peace we want to feel. The genuine admiration we have for autonomy and sleeping sound at night is worthy. You did your best. You showed up in the exact way you needed to show up. You took a chance. You held the torch of someone else’s projection, rule, idea, opinion, or belief. So now it’s time for you to release your worry. Give up the damsel locked in a high tower story and break free. It’s mentally draining holding yourself captive to the last century way of life and work. Warriors learn not only to destroy but to create. How will you create more strength in your life right now?

Listen to this guided Sekhmet meditation to activate your solar temple.

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