Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today February 27

I was never popular in school because I never sacrificed my identity for the sake of the crowd. People pleasing isn’t in my DNA. But what’s in my spirit and my heart is a keen understanding that people have learned to give up their identities to a socially accepted view of who they are supposed to be. First, it was for their family’s approval. Then it morphed into friendships. School. And when you’re an adult the self-sacrifice seeps into work. Who you are matters. You hiding your strengths and skills from others keeps this planet behind. That’s why today, you’re being guided to explore that part of you that wants to come out and come out proud.

Page of Wands is you carrying the torch of every person that had an impact on your identity. An expectation projected onto you for one purpose. To play a specific role in their life story, instead of inspiring you to create your own. We develop a sense of familiarity and pride when we get seen for our diligence, but did you really agree to this role? Or was it so commonplace and accepted by others to be the norm, that you didn’t question it. We see stories online about how we should act and yet people come to me for a reading, questioning the meaning of their life, career, and relationships. Doubting their role and ability to accomplish something impactful because we’re saturated by other people’s milestones and breakthroughs. It’s not about jealousy, but how we’ve come to this point sacrificing parts of ourselves for the sake of fitting into the system.

Have you been punishing yourself because of the choices you’ve made? This is a huge message I talk about in this week’s In The Mood reading. Which here’s the audio of the post because it relates so well to today’s message.

Eros is a color of charisma and compassion. It’s also a sign telling us that we’re being shot with an arrow to attract exactly what our soul wants. I like that. We no longer have the traditional means to get a job, date, or ignorance to follow one specific religion. Our hearts are vulnerable to emotions because it’s human and we may have picked up the torch, took a job, or settled into a marriage as a means to fit a proposed idea of who we should be. But times have changed and will continue to change. And creating a new look, identity, or brand for your own vision is perfect right now.

Remember you’re an attractive being. Meaning that your lifestyle choices and the colors you wear reflect who you are. And that doesn’t only push people away. It pulls those in alignment with your energy closer. So put on your lotus shirt to remind you that beauty can be created from a dirty mud bed and focus on what your heart wants to grow.

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