Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today February 26

I find it strange how someone could be okay with traveling to different states, but feel exasperated when it comes to driving a half-hour across town. Perhaps their perception of what they’re sacrificing varies. What they get on the other end of their expectations must meet a level of exotic newness. Perhaps they’ve taken that cross-town trip millions of times before. It got old. Making the trip feel like an errand and a chore. Instead of an adventure or a newer possibility with a new person to experience the moment with. Today is very similar. It’s lodged in our assumptions of a person, place, or thing that we must measure the level of adventure we want to feel. Instead of focusing on what we’re giving up in the process. Which often is our fear of losing our place or sense of comfort.

Four of Cups is our emotions on cruise control as we fill up our tanks and take a quick stop on our journey. Readers tend to focus on the illusions and daydreams of how things could be better, bigger, and brighter. Newsflash. Everything can be bolder, more, and exotically enhanced. That’s not the point. Upgrading your life today will not be about the compromises you chose to avoid in the past. Today isn’t even about the farfetched imaginations of your perfect sweetheart sharing a glass of wine with you on the couch as you both play a game in good spirits. Today you’re being told to sit back and relax into where you are now. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up your goals or settling for small. It means something more.

You were handed something of great importance recently and misidentified its value. It could mean a person came into your life and you didn’t do everything in your power to ensure your relationship. Or you overlooked a job opportunity because it didn’t match exactly to the image you have about the role or location. Today you must get real with your emotions and acknowledge what you accidentally sacrificed because you were extra stubborn in the self-worth department. Ouch. Minos is a color card that often brings up victimhood and blaming the opportunity for not being good enough. In reality, it’s you who didn’t see the value sitting right under your nose. We’re human so it’s okay. But today you must lean back and look at what you’ve gained. And what you lost.

Solar plexus work is vital right now as you discern truth from fiction. We tell ourselves a date is too far. Or they hate me because I did this thing or that thing. I’m not good enough for that job because I applied before and got rejected. The only real illusion in all of this is you not believing you are worthy of love. It’s so much more meaningful and adventuresome to not grow complacent or complicit in the fear closest to you. Sometimes we think spirit wants us to take care of our parents as children, but really spirit wants us to love them enough to help them live independent so that we can see them separate from our childhood assumptions. Choice isn’t about a lack of love, it’s a bounty of free-will. You made the choice to live your truth. You also have the power today to reconnect to those feelings you have about people, places and things you once thought were lost forever.

Be the hand reaching out. Be your own Patronus charm. But don’t be ashamed to appreciate the glory resting right under your nose. Let your feelings feel the purity of your soul. Only love is real and stop pretending your hipster attitude toward love must come in a specific shape, size or social group or economic class.

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