Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today February 22

Have you forgotten what it feels like to care? To care about strangers and other people perceived as separate from you and your cultural beliefs? Today’s message is a reminder that people have feelings. Even though corporate and political policy, practices and procedures believe that emotions need to wait outside. Humans are emotional creatures, and since emotions live inside our brain and we need said brain to work and go to school, we’re never truly segregated from our feelings. Your mood matters. And it’s perfect in every way to feel sullen, mad, cranky and pissed off. I feel very angry all the time. It passes, but that doesn’t discredit or diminish the validity of my feelings. In the moment, I’m feeling very real emotions and it’s through color and tarot where I laser in on what the purpose is of my temporary divine discontent or inherent confusion on any matter.

King of Cups energy is like Bernie Sanders announcing he’s running for the 2020 presidential election. The internet blew up over this. I made a comment on a Facebook post mentioning that millennials take to Bernie because he reminds them of their fondness for Dumbledore. A representation of order, rebirth, and autonomy from evil. Although this is a muggle version of the Harry Potter headmaster, the magic is certainly real and laid out in his mindful platform on healthcare and wealthcare. Don’t care about the election because it doesn’t apply to you? Then let’s chat about social welfare.

Culture and socialization are important. And it begins in the home and then in school. The cycle of how we’re raised in society not only teaches social cues, but also programs how we should feel about a specific topic, country, or group of people. This is why religion seems so hard to legislate or regulate because it’s a socialization machine. At this point in our human evolution, I should say. PR and consulting firms have become very adept at massaging specific cultural messages. However, Jesus certainly didn’t wake up one day deciding he wanted to create an entourage of billions. Unless his visions included megachurches making millions and not opening their doors for natural disaster relief or everyday homelessness. We are living in a new age and a new world. And we’re continuing to move through the space-time continuum. The progression of movements and cultural beliefs and practices takes time but with technology like social media, data centers have access to human behaviors and patterns. Triggering your emotions faster so that you buy, watch and stay connected to fake content and disconnected to genuine facts, figures and feelings. Holidays used to pay homage to heros now it’s all about the hottest deals and fashion.

Today isn’t all that bad. But it’s certainly busy. And you can’t be a lightworker ignorant of how saturated those closed off to the corruption are and why they’re struggling to understand your perspective. We feel to the best of our ability. And soon we grow used to the abuse and manipulation. We get bored. We get tired. We accept poverty and crime as normal. We expect emergencies. We know negative news is on the television and on the screens of our phones. But we get to decide which pill we take. The red one. The blue one. And the side-effects vary.

Your culture defines you. If you wish it was more multicultural, you need to step outside of your comfort zone. Befriend and mingle with other races, religions and regions on this planet. Then figure out how these people, places and things make you feel today.

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