Tarot Card Reading With Color of the Day Message for Today February 21

I don’t know why eagerness is frowned upon. Why is excitement too much for people who live for emotions on-camera? Today’s message is clear about one thing that you’re going through a shift. Sorry that sounds too small. How about – a reawakening. A new calling. And you don’t have to go through it alone.

Queen of Pentacles the ruler of beautiful Venus things is paired up with prompt paladin of purpose, Knight of Wands. Together this mature feminine energy melts with a young impressionable masculine martyr on a mission. Today the tarot is serving up a Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side moment. What values and possessions do you have to offer to a sparky underprivileged¬†person that has self-made potential written all over them? How can you help those that wouldn’t have the same access otherwise? This is your new moon in Aquarius intentions in action. It’s also the byproduct of what this past full moon in Virgo stirred up. Emotions of worth and dealings with separation. Giving and getting joy. Making money off your crafts and self-made services.

What major goals are happening in the spring? Got none – then plan some! Use today to network with powerful women, seek a strong agile business coach, or bring your resume to a workshop to present your career path in the best fonts. Spring is going to be a very luck time and it’s the seeds we plant today that will blossom thanks to the color card, Iris. This color was inspired by Persephone’s descent into the underworld and coming to the surface. Today realize that you’ve journeyed deeply with the final Venus and Mercury retrogrades of last year. What lessons have you learned about love, money and exerting oneself to win?

I fumbled a lot during those retrogrades. I even miscalculated just how much you need to give yourself in order to sign others on. I mean not every opportunity or person is right for you. But those spaghetti noodles that stick to the wall, stick because the right amount of moisture and heat was applied. Today is about getting help with your side hustle or matchmaking so you can experience the next chapter of your rebirthing. But you need to choose a vigilant person or persons with amicable Venus and Mars qualities. Consider Taurus and Sagittarius to motivate the piss out of you today. And keep some fluorite crystal around you to ground those visions you have for the coming season.

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