Talking with my art


Artist: Hello?

Drawing: I am here.

Artist: I thought you were blank?

Drawing: Nope. You had to move color on me and let those that remain to connect.

Artist: Why do I hate that man so much?

Drawing: Because he is happy.

Artist: Do I know that woman?

Drawing: Yes, you do.

Artist: Is she alive?

Drawing: No.

Artist: Who is she?

Drawing: You.

Artist: I thought I was the baby in the play pen.

Drawing: You are.

Artist: I am a mom and child?

Drawing: In multiple ways but none of which you think.

Artist: How so?

Drawing: You know so, you created me, remember?

Artist: I know I made you but I don’t like how I made you.

Drawing: You never like how you make things.

Artist: You are made of crayons so I don’t really like how childish you look.

Drawing: Then buy paint. Or chalk. Or blood.

Artist: Blood?!

Drawing: You can create art with anything.

Artist: But you don’t look beautiful.

Drawing: Ouch.

Artist: I’m sorry. I just am embarrassed that I had to use crayons on a notebook to get you out there so I can see what’s wrong with me. If it makes you feel better, me telling you you’re not beautiful is how I feel.

Drawing: Feel about you?

Artist: Of course.

Drawing: Why did you use mostly pink?

Artist: Because it’s love.

Drawing: So is the orange, brown and green. Even the glittered ginger color you used for your stream of consciousness.

Artist: My what?

Drawing: Don’t play dumb. You know you created those tendrils coming out of your head because you want to give to the light.

Artist: A baby can’t think before it can talk or run. So how do you think it can stream focus his or her thoughts.

Drawing: You chose crayons, didn’t you?

Artist: So you are telling me that because I chose an infant artsy material to get out what I am thinking and feeling that means babies in all aspects maneuver their energy?

Drawing: You are young and old. Wise and stupid. Bold and Bland. You embody both sides of the coin. Both sides of the force.

Artist: What force?

Drawing: Do you believe in good or evil?

Artist: Both.

Drawing: Neither male nor female are one over the other. Both bring balance. Both bring home. You’re struggling, why?

Artist: I am struggling because I feel like I have to pick between the two.

Drawing: You are protected by a greater force than good and evil do you see?

Artist: It’s that blue and green blob arching over me.

Drawing: Above your own bubble what do you see?

Artist: A bridge.

Drawing: What do bridges mean to you?

Artist: It’s to help me get from one side to the other.

Drawing: Who built the bridge?

Artist: My parents.

Drawing: What builds bridges?

Artist: Love.

Drawing: You like that song don’t you?

Artist: I am listening to it right now as soon as you mentioned that!

Drawing: Listen and look at me.

Artist: I don’t know what a relationship really means.

Drawing: Relationship with who?

Artist: Everyone.

Drawing: You did not show everyone in me though.

Artist: Yes, but…

Drawing: No. You drew three bodies. Three beings. Who are they?

Artist: I already told you.

Drawing: You did not. Your ego did.

Artist: I feel like the woman is me in another life.

Drawing: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Artist: Yes.

Drawing: What if there was no reincarnation?

Artist: Then what happens when we die?

Drawing: What happens when you live?

Artist: Umm, you live.

Drawing: Who did you draw?

Artist: Me.

Drawing: Yes. All of you.

Artist: Even that slightly familiar person? That resembles a man I know?

Drawing: You could have created anything when I was blank. You chose to flip me around and finish me in that direction. Why?

Artist: Because that’s what I like to do when I am freeballing the whole thing. I don’t like preconceived judgments.

Drawing: What is today’s color?

Artist: Shea brown.

Drawing: What does that mean to you?

Artist: It means beauty or beast.

Drawing: Why does it mean beauty or beast and not beast or beauty?

Artist: Because beauty comes before beast.

Drawing: So, we understand that creation nor matter how big or small is neither good nor bad because love helps us cross from one side to the other. Age is not a condition you understand. Age like the colors you used to make me is an illusion. The beauty of this situation is that you are both male and female. Presumably fluctuating through time and space right now. Aging at different rates in order to heal.

Artist: Heal what?

Drawing: Your heart.

Artist: Why?

Drawing: Because some whole being of yourself has a task in this physical form to complete.

Artist: I don’t like tasks I dont know about.

Drawing: But you chose it.

Artist: When?

Drawing: When you drew me of course.

Artist: I don’t understand.

Drawing: Keep drawing, I don’t think you are finished quite yet.

Until next time love, light and color 


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  1. Love it! Thoroughly enjoyed your conversation 😀 Your drawing reminds me of the nativity scene… I like the simplicity of the crayons and notebook and the sense of child like awe and wonder that it brings…

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