Day 40 – A letter of forgiveness

May Cause Miracles: The End by Bernard-Charles Well, the time has come to close another chapter. Technically, there are two more days with the book, but I thought it would be fitting to end here as that's what's on the cover and I did have a week delay in the first place. The affirmation for today [...]

Day 39 – Gratitude to the world

May Cause Miracles: New Moon magic by Bernard-Charles Today's mission is to feel grateful for all the wonderful new perceptions you have on the world. A new moon is upon us so with this energy you have a two week span to direct your energy and attention to starting new. The affirmation for today - I [...]

Day 38 – Shift from me to we

May Cause Miracles: A hard knock life by Bernard-Charles I really learned about people today and just feel disoriented from all the hits my energetic field endured. The affirmation for today - I will listen to those who want to be heard, help those who are in need, guide those who are lost, and serve those [...]

Day 37 – Listen up!

May Cause Miracles: Intuition is HOT! by Bernard-Charles As I am writing this post to you, just know I am overly hot and feel like I need to be quick with this one. Today, reminded us to be submissive to our inner guide and allow it to show us the way. The affirmation for today - [...]

Day 36 – Witness your ways in the world

May Cause Miracles: Turning the snooze on war by Bernard-Charles Happy Monday to you. Today begins our final week with May Cause Miracles and I could not think of a better book to read for the spring time. Spring is all about renewal and growth and I truly have grown from this experience. The affirmation for [...]

Day 34 – Money and miracles

May Cause Miracles: Words of wisdom by Bernard-Charles Today is all about expecting miracles so open up your wallet and channel your energy into manifesting financial gains. Releasing control to the Universe to give you exactly what you need is the hardest aspect of miracle making and here is why. The affirmation for today -  I [...]