Using herbs today and tomorrow

Bernard Eats: Herbs and Spices by Bernard-Charles Now, I always enjoyed a good Southern brew of iced tea, but never understood why tea and herbs for that matter were so attractive. Then I read crazy stories about the effects of herbs and I’m not just talking about drug-affiliated uses either. According to this past summer there [...]

How popular is the blog series?

Bernard Eats: Your stats and more! by Bernard-Charles The final days before graduation on creeping up behind me and I will then enter the world of mundane. If I choose to see it that way of course. Well, last week I asked you all to fill out a survey because it was for this multimedia class [...]

An interview with my mother

Bernard Eats: A home cook meal by Bernard-Charles Thanksgiving leftovers are fueling many American families right now and my family is not any different. I arrived back in Pittsburgh this past weekend leaving the leftover stuffing, turkey and pie behind in NEPA. The only tasty treats that I could really take along for a 5 hour [...]

How to make monkey bread

Bernard Eats: Monkey Bread for the Soul by Bernard-Charles As part of my Soul Path Tribe experience, I had to come up with a goal that connects with my childhood and then I had to make a video for class so why not roll it all into one happy package. The Bernard Charles Show presents to [...]