Summer solstice 2013 lessons to share

Blooming the real you

by Bernard-Charles

Happy solstice to you! This is the longest day of the year and it feels productive. I paid off some of my student debt, posted glorious free weekend color readings for my friends on Facebook (still going on by the way) and managed to clean out my inbox. There is a spark in the air and everyone is talking about summer.

Isn’t amazing how everyone seems to be on the same page. Whether talking about a huge catastrophe or the verve that comes with a power season like summer? Absolutely is profound if you ask me. Being a professional in social media, I must attest to the joy that social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook brings me. I love knowing that we all are one in this world together experiencing our lives in synchronicity. Knowledge is power.

Often the solstice has been a time of feast and celebration traditionally, and today is no different. It falls on a weekend to say the least which makes people embrace the freedom that day-to-day work keeps at bay. Honoring this celebratory energy, I want you to know that I have signed up (free) for a 28-day journey in finding my inner goddess called Inner Goddess Revolution. Now you may be thinking, woah this kid is a dude and he is trying to find a girl in him?

Superficially it’s about that, yes. But spiritually it’s about connecting with the pure energy of the Divine Feminine. So, it doesn’t matter what gender you are, but of the higher purpose lessons that we all can learn. My trusted friend, Lyn Thurman is the founder of Inner Goddess Revolution and has succeeded beyond my expectations with her Soul Path Tribe creation which also focuses on working with Goddess energy.

Inner Goddess Revolution is an accelerated course in understanding the Goddess by receiving daily emails, journal prompts and practical exercises to work with your feminine light for 28 days.

If there is one thing that I learned by working with Lyn, it’s that she always takes her work to the next level with grace and appreciation. So, this solstice, I challenge you to learn from this experience and see where the teachings from all cultures take you. Because as far as I’m concern, a hero or heroine can have a thousand faces but still can share the same message.



      1. I “second the emotions” re Lyn, B!! Excellent post, BTW – even better than yours always are! 😀

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