Spirit Wellness Party – Day 3

Welcome to the party, firefly! Lets light up our virtual lives with some positive healthy and inspiring people. Below are today’s featured party animals ready for you to visit their website, blog, social media pages and shops. Have fun and tell them the #spiritwellnessparty brought you to their doorstep, they will appreciate the love. Remember to enter our Super-Giveaway through Rafflecopter too!

Meet Our Featured Party Animals

merry wise happy sexy life photo
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Happy Sexy Life – Merry Wise

Merry Wise is a Business Accountability and Abundance Coach. She helps conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling with lack to tap into their intuition and creativity so they can get clear on their purpose, increase their productivity and create richness in business and life.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HappySexyLife

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/wisemerry1

Stephen Jarvis photo basic earth essentials
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Basic Earth Essentials – Stephen Jarvis

Basic Earth Essentials handcrafts essential oil therapy products using only natural, Earth inspired ingredients. The intention behind every Basic Earth product is to promote self-awareness, confidence and help the user therapeutically, in order to enhance their quality of life. Basic Earth Essentials was founded with ethical practices and professional integrity as our principal foundations in order to promote healthy lifestyles through natural means.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Basic.Earth.Essentials

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/BEartheE

audra sweet talk revolution photo
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Sweet Talk Revolution – Audra J

Hey! I’m Audra, your hostess here at Sweet Talk Revolution. Sweet Talk Revolution isn’t just about me, though. It’s about all of YOU and a lot of wonderful others that provide insight, input, positive attitudes, and healthy advice. I’m blessed for this community and I hope you’ll find it uplifting too!

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SweetTalkRevolution

dawna k photo
Read¬†Dawna’s¬†guest post¬†

Hearth of a Mental Mystic РDawna Kreis

As a Spiritual and Life Path mentor, it is Dawna’s Purpose (and honor) to act as a companion and guide to others as they blaze a unique trail that spans the breadth of their own individual Journey.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mentalmystic

Twitter Page: http://www.twitter.com/dawnakreis

Tamilyn Tegstrom  Help2Heal Soul Coaching photo
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Help2Heal Soul Sync Coaching РTamilyn Severin

I am a gifted Clairsentient (Clear Feeling) Intuitive Empath,Intuitive Profiler who experiences Clairaudience (Clear Hearing) & Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing )..as well as an actual electrician by trade LOL …so I have a great grasp of energy and its various uses thus enabling me too work with Prana energy fields of others thru touch , intent as well as sound & intuition.¬†I have many years of my¬†own spiritual work under my belt & while I am far from finished I am at a place where my gifts are to be used for the good of all ..This coupled with my use of the following skill sets,enables me to share with you deep and life changing insights.¬†This knowledge will give YOU the tools to listen to your Higher-Self & Soul Song (we can ALL do this ,even the skeptics)¬†Truly…we are ALL intuitive, you can do all this yourself & with my help you can get started getting in touch with you true life’s purpose,helping you to manifest your truest desires and become the highest thought you have of yourself.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Help2Heal

Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/111Help2Heal111

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