Sparks are flying: I just signed up for SocialSpark

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SocialSpark is a convenient way for bloggers like myself can earn money from posting and talking about advertisements. Simple enough right. I think so.
I just signed up for SocialSpark because I believe the website is very reliable from what I can tell (I have not checked out any success stories yet). The site is very neat and organized and signing up is easy for the most part. I had to claim this blog and that was a little bit tricky with WordPress, but I succeeded! I just had to copy and paste the “claim” code in the visual tab section instead of the HTML tab section. After that I took this new opportunity to earn $5 by explaining my adventures of signing up for this program. I do feel it is something a blogger should think about pursuing since money is tight every where, why not help other people get their products out there in the big ‘ole web! I am very pleased to see that SocialSpark has a Code of Ethics and certain guidelines that the blogger needs to follow. That way people will take them seriously.

Some other points to talk about, before you start getting paid, your blog needs to meet certain marketplace standards. Very important since advertisers want to know if it is even worth their money and time to pursue your blog. My hope is that I do meet the standards and then I will be able to earn a little extra cash because a poor college kid like me needs some sort of income when he doesn’t have a job. So thank you SocialSpark for allowing a blogger like me try and help and earn at the same time.

Code of Ethics
Sign up for SocialSpark
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  1. I thought about doing a post about this, but really? Well because I did not have at least 20 posts in the last 90 days, I was denied. 🙁 So I could try again, or just keep doing my thing. 🙂

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