Snooki is a twit

I hop onto my computer this morning about to have a meltdown when my wonderful mom of superhero abilities comes zooming in past the table and sits in front of me with her Lysol can gun armed and ready to fight against my brother’s flu symptoms. She looks at me and says “Snooki  was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“No.” replying back as I look at my computer screen perusing my Facebook notifications. Hopefully, I did not seem too pushy but she continues talking.

“Well I meant online.” (We have no cable at all, but today sometime the cable guy is going to come.) She says rather curiously as if I should know what she was talking about. Well, I don’t and to be honest I can’t even keep up with Ellen DeGeneres, even though people suspect me to. It is very thoughtful for people to do so, but I don’t have all that time to be a stalker and I just concluded that Ellen won’t see me in the wave of people anyway. So, my wonderful mother continues after I gave her the look.

I looked rather placid, since I had nothing to write for my blog and she already knows how I feel about Snooki and that whole Jersey Shore cast. Not going to rant here.

“Well, Miss Snooki went on the show and told everyone outright that  her not blacking out was a good night.” I looked at her again with some interest and then the topping came after. “Snooki is a twit.” I laughed and she smiled a bit after noticing her remark was a bit forthright.

“Yeah, but that’s what she is known for and that’s what people seem to like.” I stated trying to sort out Snooki’s motives for telling her drunkenness habits on a nationally broadcasted talk-show. “She’s so good, she has us talking about her right now.”

“But there are girls out there that look up to this girl.”

I was even more interested and so I asked “There are?”

All in all, my sister’s friends seem to look up to Snooki’s character as well as the other members of the cast. I could probably shovel some reasons as to why people look up to her and the cast, but I am not going to waste my time, because as far as I am concerned, my mother is right. She is a twit. And these “celebrities” need to get it in their thick skulls that doing bad stuff and not respecting themselves is wrong. This is where that line of Reality TV comes in that I don’t agree with, but I have my own motives into wanting to get involved with the television industry. I want to make positive change and the bullies, alcohol, and wannabees are not going to ruin my chances of making my life better! So for all those you do like her and her badass crew then you need to do some deep meditation and soul searching before you come talk to me about your life’s dreams.

So for all of your curiosity and entertainment, here is your one and only SNOOKI being a twit.

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