Put your name on my client list now for a life and career reading. It’s not only about inspiration but innovation. We’ll explore ways color can impact your abundance, wellness, and purpose through a private video horoscope reading using The Color Mage Oracle card deck, The Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel and your astrological birth chart. My readings are personalized video recordings delivered to your email. Together you’ll have a better understanding of your past, present, and future when it comes to your life and career.

Estimated duration is 60 to 90 mins.

    review rating 5  I got Bernard's Summer Solstice Color-Tarot-Astrology Reading. In 3 simple words - I love it!!! It was super awesome and insightful. I love how the 3 elements brought together the whole picture - Bernard described my current situation perfectly and I gained so much useful guidance and lovely support from him. The reading was truly deep and profound because it even went beyond my current situation and gently guided me onto my future path - one that I'm in so much need of validation and support on. I’m so grateful for the kind words and practical advice. They truly made a difference :) I've watched the video multiple times but I'd surely be going back to it from time to time for some new inspirations because it's so. profound. ✨✨✨✨ Now I wish I had more profound words to write for this review - but I've ran out so JUST GO GET A READING and let Bernard show you his brilliance ✨✨ Honestly I don’t have that much spare money to spend, but you’ll never regret investing in yourself with a lovely reading like this one ✨✨✨✨✨

    thumb Karen Yeung

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    review rating 5  Bernard amazes me. To create a color 'oracle' deck then use them in incredibly profound readings... SERIOUSLY - you can't get any better than this! To use COLOR is such a brilliant way to represent energy and transition. Color can be represented without words - it can BLAST through the EGO. It's shows resonance and struggle in a way that is more relatable than a tarot card, oracle or goddess... Bernard's readings are POWERFUL. The COLOR DECK is energy and wisdom at it's purest and packs a potent dose of spiritual reality. Thank you for being a beacon of light, Bernard!

    thumb Jes Miller

Your life and what you do to make a living for yourself and others should be about abundance, wellness, and purpose. If you been struggling with any of those this year, then this life and career coaching color tarot astrology horoscope reading is perfect for you!


With all my readings, color is a key element to making shift happen. Color is used to attract and repel energy. It sets the tone and mood of your reality. It’s through color that I’ve been able to coach hundreds of people from around the world find more direction, see their real self, and get inspired by strategically using color in their life. Color is an interdisciplinary element of our world that communicates to our brains. It helps program our feelings and beliefs.


Tarot is structured in major and minor sets and there are 4 main suits (wands, swords, cups, and pentacles). Tarot is effective because it often reveals more identifying information associated with specific people in your life that may be stopping or helping your cause. It’s an additional layer of insight I offer in my readings to help you see more concretely the influencing energy and circumstances surrounding your desires and intentions.


You were born during a specific alignment of stars, planetary bodies and astrological events that make up your unique horoscope. Most people know their zodiac sign, but rarely understand the nuances of the signs when it comes to events like getting a new job or setting a date for a prosperous life change. I will need extra information (birth time, place of birth and your birthday) to draw up your birth chart and explain the astrological influences affecting your mood and progress to date. If you don’t know your exact time of birth, we can work with an estimated time. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your birthplace, we can choose a larger scope of land that’s less invasive. If you’re concerned about me knowing you age from your birthday – get over yourself. Your soul is older than moondust itself.

Please note if you get a 24-hour delivery intuition upgrade, I will need to know the time of your birththe city/town of your birth and your birthdate in your email reply to me within 12 hours after placing your order. Should you delay giving me this information within 12 hours of your order, I cannot guarantee your reading will be delivered within 24 hours and you will not be refunded for the upgrade.


When you open yourself up to a reading with me this happens:

  • You sit struck to the core by how well the colors know you and know your inner thoughts
  • You feel instant relief knowing there is hope
  • You take notes on key actions to live true for you
  • You see life, work, and the world in a new way

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