Change Your Mood Oracle New Beginnings Edition is a golden life-strategy tool designed to help you identify how you want to feel using color to attract new opportunities, expand your horizons beyond the home, and celebrate pure abundance. This 44-card deck with golden metallic edging triggers not only instant psychological responses in the brain for attaining the life you want, but showers you with reasons to feel hopeful in a colorless situation. Using this deck during coaching calls, bullet journaling or when you need to start something new in your life, you’ll develop a better understanding of how you want to feel going from zero to hero using specific colors associated to each positive feeling. 

🌞 Your New Beginnings Exclusive Activation Kit includes🕯

💰 44 Gold gilt edge color therapy cards

Decks are printed on-demand and can take between 2-5 weeks depending on shipping and customs. U.S. tracking/custom numbers will be emailed to you. To save trees🌲 and you save money💸 a video class is provided instead of a book.


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