Scotland sunshine and camera obscura without a battery charger

This is my second day here in Scotland and my immediate thoughts were just… “Bloody hell, what did I get myself into.”

Arriving really early in the morning yesterday and then trying to dive right into the new culture was a ‘wee’ bit stressful, but I managed to escape my shock by appreciating the Scotland land and bunnies roaming the campus grounds. Not to mention the beautiful swans that swim happily on the campus loch.

Baby swan poses on Airthrey Loch.

The Scotland weather has been really kind to me since my arrival. Other students arrived on Saturday and met the real weather of Scotland–rain. One of my flatmates actually caught a cold because of the wet weather. Luckily my transition to this country has been fairly smooth. Smooth with minor bumps.

Some of the things that I have noticed:

  • Flushing the toilet means pumping the heck out of it in order for the contents to be completely gone.
  • Windows are screenless.
  • There is a shower string.
  • Cars and walkways are driven and walked on the opposite side compared to the US.
  • No American peanut-butter
  • Pay with pounds not dollars.
  • Busses give you change if you pay with too much.
  • If you want toast, you have to leave the oven door open.

You do learn a lot and take for granted the small things that are pivotal to living a modern life.

Today for my Photography class, students have to make a camera obscura out of cardboard, I tackled this project. Seeing that I missed the first day of classes due to a flight mishap, I received this assignment and had no idea what a camera obscura was and found the concept daunting. To my rescue came my mother with her awesome Google image search skills and helpful flatmates this is what my simple but effective camera looks like.

Camera Obscura or Pinhole Cameras are basic examples of how images are projected upside down.

If you are interested in making a camera obscura then check out the class blog.

My time here so far, has been interesting and more is yet to come. I am feeling so many things and doing so much that keeping up blogging is surely a task for me. So do bare with me for a ‘wee’ bit.

For your guilty pleasure check out my Facebook photos of my time in Scotland.

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