Saying Goodbye

Updates and upgrades oh my!

by Bernard-Charles

The Mayan prophecy of 2012 has come and gone and I feel compelled to add that my shift in consciousness has been holding my ground firmly but within reason. I suppose going with the flow is the easiest way to capture what I mean exactly. I have dabbled in these last months of this year with a blog series based around food and certainly enjoyed the results of it. My stats have exploded and 2012 will be my best year ever! WordPress will be coming out with the Year in a Review  link soon.

MIN Social Media Profile PhotoWell, I guess what has been fluttering inside my mind recently is how to keep up with the momentum of 2012 into 2013. I hope to do better than 2012 in the coming year, and I suppose that graduating from college (I am holding off on my accomplishment post since I do not have my diploma yet to make it official) will allow me more energy to focus on this show-blog. Yet, at the same time, adding My Inspiration Network to the juggling mix.

Definitely, do not want this to seem as a complaint post, but I am writing down my priorities for the new year. Platforms and situations where my attention needs to go besides to the obvious like getting a real job! I am working on a full-time position as we speak. The holiday break is such an awkward time to graduate since it feels like a normal break, but you are done forever essentially. So, I am in this funny phase of my life where it aligns perfectly with the symbolism of winter and hibernation but is counterproductive as lethargy settles and the posies’ smell is hypnotic thus fear and pressure is rekindled to get a job ASAP. (Going with the flow is a challenge in this world – people can pressure you to do things and then your own expectations can add its very own pressure.)

A little farewell

2012 is over and I am going to go with the flow. I want to push when it feels right and as of right now, I can only wait until the new year comes. Saying goodbye to an old year is hard, but cannot be stopped so we must balance the focus on the past, present and future all at once. I believe enjoying the day as it comes and goes is probably the best way to combat the chills of resolution-fever. There are online resources that can help with finding that sense of enjoyment. Often times it connects with your childhood and how you used your creativity and imagination then to blend the magics of life. I joined Lyn Thurman’s Soul Path Tribe in November and it has tremendously improved my focus because I get to interact with people, concepts, goals, and magic all because of one workbook. It’s a very unique gift that this My Inspiration Network Life-Teacher has produced and I am happy to keep on promoting it.

Since, I am in the limbo of change my attention for MIN and this show-blog is clearly neglected and I feel like the Soul Path is a perfect remedy and I ask you to check it out. As a MIN member you do receive 20% off so make sure you join MIN first and then hop over to to get the wonderful workbook of modern transformation!

A look into my crystal ball

As 2013 approaches, I am looking forward to going to LA, more video, and of course getting 1,000 likes on Facebook to name a few. Be sure to watch out for more awesome things coming your way and as always, I am open to your feedback so feel free to message me at anytime.

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